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5 Weird Things That Happen To Your Hair & Skin After A Sweaty Workout Sesh

5 Weird Things That Happen To Your Hair & Skin After A Sweaty Workout Sesh

One of the most rewarding things about exercising is that post-workout glow. It’s like an accomplishment all by itself. When your body produces sweat, it’s releases toxins and purges out gunk from your skin pores. A good amount of endorphins are also released by the body making you instantly feel happier, calmer and fresh as a daisy. So what effect does sweat actually have on your skin and hair? Let’s find out!

Here’s What Sweat Does To Your Skin & Hair

Sweat is an indication that your body has completed its warm-up phase and is ready to move onto the main workout. During this time, your body cools itself down by producing sweat and regulating its temperature. Here’s what it does to your skin and hair!

1. Sweat Causes Dandruff

Each time you workout, you sweat from your scalp and skin. While we don’t recommend that you wash your hair every time you workout, you must do so thrice a week if you exercise every day. Unwashed hair and greasy roots can irritate the scalp causing yeast buildup and dandruff. 

2. It Causes Skin To Breakout


After a sweaty workout sesh, you must wash your face immediately. If you allow the sweat to air-dry, it can mix with the oil and dirt on your skin’s surface and clog your pores. You know what follows after, right? BREAKOUTS!

3. Skin Becomes Smelly When Mixed With Bacteria

This one is about your personal hygiene. Sweat is odourless, but if you have poor hygiene standards then it’s bound to mix with bacteria and make you smell bad. So make sure you’re having regular baths and washing areas where you sweat the most like your inner thighs, underarms and underneath your breasts. 

4. It Causes Thigh Chafing


When you exercise, your body produces sweat and it is this very sweat that creates friction by causing your skin to rub against itself. This leads to skin irritation and rashes. If you experience this often, you have two ways to prevent it – wear full-length slacks or apply powder in between the thighs to save you from friction. 

5. It Changes The Texture of Your Hair

When you sweat and don’t wash your hair for days, it changes your hair’s texture. Your hair feels heavy, rough, oily and sits flat. Hair will also become frizzy and difficult to comb when dripping with sweat. As mentioned above, if you’re a fitness enthusiast, wash your hair thrice a week. Skip the shampoo if you must. Too much of product can strip hair from its natural oils. Plain lukewarm water should be fine. 

Yes, sweat does help to boost energy, promote blood circulation and improve your skin’s complexion, but it can cause harm if you don’t have proper hygiene standards in place. 

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24 Apr 2020

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