In Love With An Aries Man? Here Are 9 Fascinating Things You NEED To Know About Him!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Apr 16, 2019
In Love With An Aries Man? Here Are 9 Fascinating Things You NEED To Know About Him!


Does your heart beat faster thanks to a certain Aries man? I’m honestly not surprised. This man has a magnetic aura around him that instantly pulls the ladies closer to him. He’s a powerhouse of energy and his wild heart can’t be tamed. He’s always on the move, so if you have your eyes on this hyperactive ram, you better keep up with his lifestyle. To make him yours, there are certain characteristics you should know about him first. 

1. His Personality Oozes Confidence

When he speaks, the whole room listens. His leadership skills are on point and is one sign that knows how to get stuff done no matter how impossible the task may seem! He has poor tolerance for excuses and appreciates a woman who in return, is confident about her self as well.

2. He’s A Free Bird!


For an Aries guy, commitment is his biggest fear. He can’t stand the thought of being tied down and craves freedom. If you’re someone who needs 24/7 attention, he’s probably not the man for you. As soon as one adventure is over, he’s ready for the next one. When dating him, try keeping things fresh, exciting and new. He will reward you with loyality and the key to his heart. 

3. A Sucker For All Things Mush

Many women assume that Aries men are heartless. If you’re one of them, you probably aren’t that close to him yet – Sorry, not sorry. This man takes time to open up. He needs to view you as his safety net before he takes off his mask. It’s a slow and long process, but once he does come around, you will have a romantic soulmate for life. Be patient if you want him bad. 

4. Sexy Nights With Him Are The Best


In bed, no other man will make you scream as loud as the Aries man. He’s a passionate lover and a good performer between the sheets. He’ll fulfil ALL your kinky fantasies with a naughty smile. The best part is that after round one of hot steamy sex, he’s ready for round two. If you take him home, you two probably won’t make it to work the next day because of all the good sex you’ve had last night. 

5. He’s Brutally Honest

Most men would rather tell a white lie to not hurt their partner’s feelings – not your Aries man. He says it how it is and you better have tough skin to handle the truth. Before you show him the door, please understand that he means well and doesn’t do sugarcoating. 

6. An Optimistic Sunflower


Don’t ever make the mistake of telling this guy he can’t do something. He will rise and conquer. His competitive natures makes it difficult for him to accept defeat. Secretly, he loves challenges and if you can give one, he’ll come back to you for more. 

7. He Could Be A Little Bossy At Times

The guy has a bossy attitude. Don’t take his words personally. On the contrary, man up and don’t give in to his ways. Challenging his authority is a big turn on for him. If you do happen to win the argument, it won’t wound his ego, you will become his equal. 

8. Jealousy + Love

How to know that an Aries man is in love? Easy – he becomes the jealous and possessive type. He has fallen so hard for you that the thought of you going into another man’s arms is devastating! Understand that he rarely falls in love, but, when he does, you become his destiny.

9. He Stand Up For His Woman

support couple

Not just his woman, his friends and family too. He supports and respects those who are close to him. If at all, any of his people get into trouble, he will show up. He will fight for your battle with you and win it too. A strong man like him is a boon to have on your team.

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