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Can Regular Sex Influence Your Productivity? Here’s Your Answer

Can Regular Sex Influence Your Productivity? Here’s Your Answer

I think there’s hardly a need to convince most people to have sex. However, we do believe in motivating you to do your best. And when we mean it quite literally, when we say “help you do your best.” While sex can be all about pleasure, sexual activity also has a lot of surprising health benefits. There exist a plethora of studies to prove that sex can actually boost your overall health in many ways. In fact, this explains why you experience a sudden change in your mood and you feel relaxed for a while right after having sex. And when your body is relaxed, you feel fresh and more productive. It’s a simple calculation, right? Apart from this, here are a few things that your body experiences after having sex that can, in turn, help boost your productivity.

Sex Improves Your Memory

Well, if you remember everything you need to do the next day, you will do it faster and more efficiently after sex. The same set of hormones and chemicals that turn you on also impact the other brain functionalities that boost your memory and improve your problem-solving skills. Having sex consistently generates more brain cells in the area of your hippocampus (a brain structure which has a major role in learning and memory), helps you with better memory, and thus, makes you more productive.

It Takes Your Mind Off Of Little Things

Distraction can be one of the major reasons why you are not being productive. But you’re not alone, It happens to the best of people. However, here’s your solution: have more sex because when you have an orgasm, it increases the blood flow in your brain, which in turn, activates all the areas in your brain making you more active. This helps you concentrate more and takes your mind off distractions and helps you focus better. 

Sex Helps You Sleep Better

Sex helps you sleep and a good night’s sleep helps boost your sex life. Simply put, they are interdependent. Sexual activity releases oxytocin and endorphins, which help reduce stress. So good sex means better sleep, and you wake up the next day feeling better, super energized, and, of course, more productive. 

Sex Helps Your Fight Cold And Flu

Now, cold and flu are a big distraction and affect our productivity in multiple ways, having sex on a regular basis can actually help you fight cold and flu. We’re not saying that sex will completely cure cold and flu but having sex visibility moderates the impact. 

Sex May Help Relieve Period Cramps

Studies have shown that orgasm may help relieve menstrual cramps. Sex triggers the release of chemicals like endorphins and dopamine that are known to make you feel good. Engaging in sexual activity also takes your mind off of your menstrual discomfort. 

Well, that’s just all the more reasons to have regular sex, not that we needed any convincing in the first place. *wink*

Featured Image: Very Well Mind

08 May 2020

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