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Heat Gun Vs A Hair Dryer: Let’s Find Out The Real Difference Between The Two

A heat gun and a hairdryer may have a similar design, but their functions are poles apart. If you’ve always gotten confused between these two products, we’ll help you understand them better. Not only will we answer all your questions about them, but we’ll also highlight the differences between a heat gun and a hairdryer. Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

What is the purpose of a heat gun?

It all boils down to the task. A heat dryer looks like a blow dryer, and it also blows hot air. However, the air is warmer than the air that comes out from the blow dryer. In the case of heat gun vs hair dryer temperature – the temperature can go up to anywhere between 150 degrees to 1200 degrees for a heat gun. A hairdryer’s max temperature is nowhere close to that of a heat gun’s. 

This temperature is enough to hurt and burn your skin. There are two types of heat guns – the basic one and an LCD one. The regular heat gun does not have too many features and usually comes with only an On and Off button. The LCD heat gun allows you to keep a tab on the temperature and control settings. Either of these heat guns can help in removing paint, wallpaper, softening glue and bending plastics. 

What is the purpose of a hairdryer?

is heat gun and hair dryer the same



Hairdryers, blowdryers, whatever you wish to call them are products that help style hair. As the name suggests, the sole purpose of a hairdryer is to dry the hair. Although they do have a similar design to heat guns, they are unique in their way. The maximum temperature of a hairdryer is 150 degrees. It’s lesser than that of a heat gun and won’t damage the scalp. Today, many hair dryers also come with a ‘cool shot’ button. This function not only ensures a long-lasting blowdry but also sets the hair. 

You can also use a hairdryer to remove wrinkles from clothes, defrost frozen items from the fridge, dry nail polish or dry wet fruits and vegetables.

Is a heat gun and hairdryer the same: Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer

So what’s the difference between a heat gun and a hairdryer? Well, they’re both shaped like a gun and run on electricity (a handful of heat guns work on propane and butane). The two products also come with a trigger handle that helps to start them. Coming back to your question – is a heat gun and hairdryer the same? Well, no. Unlike a hairdryer, the heat gun has high-temperature levels that help to remove paint, dry it and bend the plastic.


What are the major differences between the heat gun and hairdryer?

Heat gun vs hairdryer – which one should you use? The main difference between these two products is the purpose. Hairdryers help to dry wet hair and style them. Whereas, heat guns help to remove paint, wallpaper, bend plastics and soften the glue. Here are a few more:


Hair Dryer

Heat Gun

Max Temperature: 150 C

Max Temperature: 1200 C

Purpose – Dry and style damp hair 

Purpose – dry paint, bend the plastic, remove rusted bolts, floor covering etc. 

Material: Made from plastic and ceramic

Material made from ceramic & equipped with nozzles 

Not too harsh on the scalp

Can burn the scalp and skin

Can you use a hairdryer instead of a heat gun?

difference between hair dryer and heat gun



Since the hairdryer produces less heat, it’s less likely to perform as good as the heat gun in removing paint, bending plastic and drying paint. A hairdryer can be used to add finishing touches after using a heat gun, but never vice versa. 

Also, don’t think of using a heat gun to blowdry your hair as it will damage the scalp and skin. Since the hairdryer has less temperature than the heat gun, it’s less likely to damage the skin. However, be it hairdryer or heat gun, both produce heat. However, one has to concentrate and be careful by using it or else they could bring harm upon themselves. 

Heat Gun vs Hair Dryer – Which one to pick?

Heat gun vs blowdryer – which is better? Well, it all boils down to your purpose. Apart from drying and styling your hair, here are some creative ways to use a hairdryer: 

  • Drying wet nail polish
  • Heating an eyelash curler
  • Drying off fruits and vegetables
  • Defrosting frozen meat and veggies
  • Drying damp clothes
  • Removing dust from corners

Hair guns are the real deal when it comes to doing these tasks:

  • Drying paint
  • Bending plastic
  • Removing paint
  • Removing rusted bolts 
  • Defrosting the fridge

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Now that you know the similarities and differences between a hairdryer and heat gun – you will know when to use them. Both of them look the same, but their purposes differ. If its anything hair-related, choose a hairdryer. For work and house chores, heat guns are more reliable. Good luck!

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11 Feb 2021

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