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15 *Awesome* Hair Styling Tools For Thick, Shiny And Bouncy Hair!

15 *Awesome* Hair Styling Tools For Thick, Shiny And Bouncy Hair!

Whether or not you’re blessed with silky and voluminous locks, having the right kind of hair styling tools and gadgets makes a world of a difference to your mane game. And with these 15 awesome hair styling items in your beauty kit, you can bid goodbye to bad hair days because these will make your tresses look stunning every single day! Check these hair styling tools and their uses and take your pick, ladies.

Hairstyling Tool 1. Simply Straight Ceramic Straightening Brush

1 hair styling tools

The first entry on our hairstyling tools list, smoothen and straighten your hair with this amazing ceramic coated, 220-240V straightening brush. This is easy to use and its anti-frizz ionic technology makes this styling tool a winner for your hair. It heats up in just 2 minutes and all you have to do is brush your hair with it, section by section and voila… you have party-ready hair!

Price: Rs 519. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 2. Segolike Professional Hair Straightener

2 hair styling tools

This hair straightener with flat iron plates has 4 levels of heat to suit your needs and leaves you with silky, straight hair in no time. It is suitable for all hair types, and will give you salon-like styled hair each time you use it.

Price: Rs 710. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 3. Liqon Plastic Rollers & Stylers

3 hair styling tools

For that extra bounce and volume in your hair, having rollers in your beauty kit is a must. Divide your hair into multiple sections and wrap them around these rollers, before giving it heat treatment with a blow dryer. Also, when you want to maintain that blown out look the next day, sleep with rollers fixed on the crown area of your head and wake up with full-looking tresses with a lovely bounce.

Price: Rs 149. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 4. Instyler Rotating Hot Iron

4 hair styling tools

This hair styling device will make you look like a celebrity every time you use it! The rotating barrel will transform your hair instantly, making it look shiny and smooth. What’s more? It can also give your mane full-bodied curls! Bad hair days no more, ladies!

Price: Rs 1,708. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 5. Cosmix Stores Section Clips (Pack of 3)

5 hair styling tools

Almost every style you go for, will require you to work on your hair, section by section. And that calls for these section clips on our hairstyling tools list that will make the process easier and more systematic. Take it from us, ladies - these clips are a boon when you’re battling unmanageable and frizzy hair.

Price: Rs 150. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 6. Curler Makers Soft Foam Styling Hair Rollers

6 hair styling tools

Foam rollers are for those who want tighter and more defined curls. All you have to do is wrap your hair around these and twist the rollers to keep the hair in place. Foam is light and you can even sleep with these on to wake up with fabulous curls the next morning.

Price: Rs 165. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 7. Guo Wei Triple Barrel Professional Hair Curler

7 hair styling tools

What’s better than a single-barreled curler? This triple-barreled one! Be it gorgeous beach waves or that extra bounce that you want in your hair - go for this hair curler and you won’t be disappointed!

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 8. Verma A10 Hair Curler

8 hair styling tools

Another fab curler, but one with bristles to smoothen out your otherwise unmanageable tresses. Thanks to its small size, it is highly portable and easy to use too. Get this one already!

Price: Rs 178. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 9. Vega Professional Hot Curl Brush

9 hair styling tools

Having a large and sturdy curl brush is a must when you want that extra boost of volume and bounce in your hair. If you have thin or fine hair, this hot curl brush is a must-have in your beauty kit for extra bouncy locks. Ready to flaunt your uber stylish mane?

Price: Rs 530. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 10. Homeoculture Donuts

10 hair styling tools

Awesome top knots, side buns or a large high bun - all this is easily doable no matter what the texture of your hair, thanks to this pack of 3 different sized donuts on our hairstyling tools list. Place your hair around a donut, secure the hair with juda pins and you’re good to go. Easy peasy, this!

Price: Rs 175. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 11. Segolike 3-In-1 Hair Styler

11 hair styling tools

This one’s quite the multi-tasker. Be it curling, smoothing or straightening of the hair, this one makes all of it possible in the comfort of your home! Its ceramic heating plates don’t damage the hair and don’t strip its moisture either.

Price: Rs 610. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 12. Vingaboy Hair Straightener

12 hair styling tools

This gadget will be your best friend on days you want silky, straight hair, and on days you want healthy curls! This 2-in-1 styler has a 20-second heat-up time and the ceramic technology of it results in even heat distribution. This, in turn, ensures that the hair’s natural moisture is retained. It’s fabulous, isn’t it?

Price: Rs 289. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 13. GN Enterprises V & G Hair Curler

13 hair styling tools

Want shiny ringlets for the next party you attend? Then get yourself this amazing hair curler. All you have to do is wrap your hair around it and let the stick do its job. It’s easy to use and will give your mane a makeover in a matter of minutes! Grab it now!

Price: Rs 735. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 14. Homeoculture Hair Accessories (Set of 5)

14 hair styling tools

This pack has 5 different hair accessories that will help in making your locks look nothing short of stunning! There are 2 puffs to give your hairstyle some volume, and some other accessories to help you braid and bun up your hair. This kit is pretty useful, ladies. Get one already.

Price: Rs 239. Buy it here.

Hairstyling Tool 15. Vega Fab Flat Hair Straightener

15 hair styling tools

If you want to get yourself a fabulous hair straightener, we suggest you go for this entry on our hairstyling tools list. It will give you sleek, shiny hair and it glides smoothly on the hair strands. It will keep your hair straight, silky and super stylish all day!

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

So, how are you going to style your hair?

Featured Image: Shutterstock

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Published on May 27, 2017
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