You May Just Be Using Your Blow-Dryer Wrong...Here's How You Can Fix It!

You May Just Be Using Your Blow-Dryer Wrong...Here's How You Can Fix It!

Did you know that using a blow-dryer correctly can actually cause lesser damage than letting your mane air-dry? In fact, when your locks come in contact with water, they swell up. The role of a hair-dryer is to make sure that the warm air reaches your hair, dries it and style it too. Many women are hooked on to this device because it’s easy to use, compact in size and most importantly, saves time. However, only a few know how to use one correctly and if you’re new to blow-drying, you may not be one of them. Here are 9 blow-dryer mistakes you may be making and how to fix them.

1. You Don’t Use A Heat Protectant Product

How to fix it: How many of you are guilty of not using a heat protectant spray? I know I am. This tiny mistake has cost me a lot. If I don't use a serum or a mist, my hair feels dry, frizzy and dull after blow-drying. Take it from me, protect your hair from getting damaged and burned by using a thermal protectant first.

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2. You’re Brushing With The Wrong Comb

hair dryer mistakes

How to fix it: As you know, every hair texture is different. You must always use a comb that caters to your hair type. In order to prevent heat damage, refrain from using ceramic or metal combs. These get hot quickly and cause damage by burning your hair shaft. Boar-bristle brushes are a safer bet. They’re gentle with your locks and won’t damage them after combing.

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3. Too Much Product Is Bad For You

How to fix it: In this case, less is more. Applying product to your roots can protect them and boost volume. However, applying too much will make your hair greasy and oily as it shortens your blowout time. You can start by applying less product first and build it up over time if required.

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4. You’re Using The Wrong Hair Dryer

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How to fix it: FYI ladies, not all hair dryers are the same. Different hair types require different hair-dryers. If your hair is really dry and rough, a ceramic one is a good choice. For a sleeker, straight finish a tourmaline brush is perfect! And finally, if you’re a busy bee, don’t hesitate while picking up an ionic blow-dryer.

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5. You Never Clean Your Blow-Dryer

How to fix it: If you can clean your makeup brushes, why can’t you do the same for your blow-dryer? Trust me, it requires the same attention than any other styling tool you own. Hair product particles and dust can clog your filter. This ruins the productivity of your blow-dryer. Hence clean it often and make sure you store it in a clean, dry place spot on your dresser.

6. You Blow-Dry Your Hair When It’s Dripping Wet!

hairdryer mistakes dripping wet hair

How to fix it: No matter how late you’re running, please don’t make the mistake of using a hair- dryer the moment you step out from the shower. This won’t be only time consuming, but your mane will get damaged in the process too! Wipe your hair gently to get rid of excess water and let it air-dry before you use a hair-dryer.

7. You Aren’t Using The Correct Heat Settings

How to fix it: Knowledge is power. Those heat settings don’t just exist at random. They mean something. Keeping your hair type in mind, here’s how to make a decision - for thick hair, a higher heat setting is recommended. For fine hair, a lower heat setting is more than enough. Then again, the less heat you use, the better. You can always play around with the speed and temperature to suit your hair type.

8. Getting Your Strands Too Close To Your Hair-Dryer

hair drier mistakes nozzle

How to fix it: Trust me, we’ve all been down that road. While it seems logical to cram your blow-dryer into your strands, it isn’t the best idea to do so. You see, more heat damage occurs and that itself is a red flag for your hair.

9. You Constantly Touch The Nozzle To Your Brush

How to fix it: Unless you want to have a bad hair day, go ahead and sandwich the nozzle of the dryer with your brush and hair. This will spoil your brush and burn your hair too.  While you’re using a hair-dryer, your hand should be placed slightly above your head to avoid any mishaps.

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