Wear Your Heart On Your Tips: 4 Adorable French Manicures You Can Try On Valentine’s Day

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Feb 11, 2021
Heart-Tipped French Manicure




Babe, there are only THREE days left for Valentine’s Day, and by now, we bet you’ve already decided on your outfit, makeup and accessories. But, what about your nails? Have you glammed those up yet? If you haven’t and are looking for some V-Day nail art inspiration, look no further because these heart-tipped French manicure designs sync perfectly well with the theme of the day.

This Heart-Tipped French Manicure Is Perfect To Get This Valentine’s Day!


The beauty of this manicure is that it’s a tweaked up version of the classic French manicure. Instead of the traditional white strip, you just make it a bowed heart shape. Feast your eyes on some of these beautiful nail art designs! 

Cherry-Red Tips For The Win!


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Okay, you need only two nail polish colours to ace this manicure – baby pink and cherry red. First, apply baby pink as your base and paint the tips of your nails with cherry red. 

Pretty In White


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Whoever said that French manicure does not suit short nails has not seen this nail art design before. Although the hearts are bigger than the previous manicure showed above, they’re equally adorable. 

Black Beauty


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Anyone who isn’t a fan of red and pink nails on Valentine’s Day should opt for this nail art design. Nude nail polish as a base and matte black on the tips. To add an artsy touch, you can also paint a black dot in the middle of each nail. 

Over The Rainbow


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If you have free time on your hands, try this multicoloured manicure. It’s fresh, juicy and oh-so-vibrant! To make those nails pop, feel free to put on nail stickers as well. 

Keep It Minimal

You don’t need to paint tiny hearts on ALL your nails, one will do. Stick to baby pink as a base and paint just one nail red – and you’re good to go! 

This nail art design is easier than it looks. It’s trendier than the classic French manicure and looks neat and elegant too. So tell us, which of these cutesy manicures made you skip a beat?

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