Love Your French Manicures? Here Are 6 Unconventional Ways To Rock This Classic Mani

Love Your French Manicures? Here Are 6 Unconventional Ways To Rock This Classic Mani

It’s true, the classic French manicure never goes out of style but in 2020, it does deserve a little upgrade. While there are plenty of nail art options circulating online, it is safe to say that those designs aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re someone who loves all things chic and subtle. But this doesn’t mean you can’t spruce things up a bit. It’s the last month of the year, so you know what that means --- the 20-21 fashion and beauty winter trends are out, and French nails aren’t exempted from the list.

Since this year has been anything but ordinary, forget about your regular French manicure with white tips, there are new variations to this classic trend which are not only stylish but can easily be done at home. All you need is your nail art kit and a whole lot of patience. Keep on reading to find out how you can take this minimal nail trend to a whole new level.

Black Tips

This might be a bit unconventional but there’s no denying that the black nail tips are classy and ooze elegance. Instead of painting your tips white, go ahead and create a ‘V’ on the ends of your nails with black nail paint. These retro nails are easy to recreate and you’re free to let your imagination flow.

You could also play around with lines or add a few extra embellishments to give your nails a little pizzazz.


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Colourful French Tips

Add a whole lot of colour to your life with the colourful French tips trend. Kylie Jenner was the first to show off her pastel French mani earlier this year on Insta and not too long later, the trend took over social media. From rainbow tips to neon hues --- the list is endless.


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Colours Of Xmas

Since it’s the holiday season, Xmas themed nails seem appropriate. But instead of running to the salon, you could just deck up your nails at home. Coat your nails in a red shade and later add a shimmery gold on the tips et, voila, holiday-inspired French mani at home.


Glitter Nail Polish - 17

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Jewel French Tips

For those who love all things subtle but also want to bring the drama, then this is just for you. After coating your nails in red, go a step further and add stick-on jewels or embellishments to add a dramatic touch to your digits.

Double French Manicure

Take things up a notch with the double French manicure. Instead of just lining your fingertips with white nail paint, go on and create half-moons on the bottom part of your nails as well.

Angled French Manicure

The angle French manicure is easy to -do and trendy. To get into the holiday spirit, instead of picking a solid colour, go for a shimmery hue. To create this design, apply the nail paint at an angled scoop, instead of a straight line.

Give your digits the much-needed makeover they need.

Featured Image: Instagram