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We Discovered Kiehl’s *Special* Recipe To Glowing Skin!

We Discovered Kiehl’s *Special* Recipe To Glowing Skin!

We’re well aware of the long list of things that can be done to achieve flawless skin. Sure, you can invest in expensive beauty products, and yes, you can set up a skin care routine to pamper your skin. But is that enough?

The answer is no.


Achieving flawless skin is as much about what you eat as it is about what you apply on your face.

As POPxo’s resident Account Manager, I got the chance to attend the #SummerGotCooler event at Kiehl’s store, located in Mall of India, Noida. The super fun workshop was curated by food blogger and stylist Shivesh Bhatia. If you don’t know who he is, then you really should. At the mere age of 21, the Instagram sensation has managed to create a storm in the Indian food industry! During the workshop, he created some delicious drinks and desserts with super healthy ingredients. 


glowing skin 2

Shivesh explained the benefits of each of the ingredients used and how they can help us achieve envious-looking skin. Not only that, he gave us a mini-lesson on how to arrange food in order to click the perfect insta-worthy pictures!


That’s just the kind of class we can get on board with. *Wink*

glowing skin 3


P.S. A special shout out to the Genesis Burson Marsteller team for organising this fun event!

30 May 2017
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