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11 Genius Styling Tricks Every Girl With Long Hair Should Know!

11 Genius Styling Tricks Every Girl With Long Hair Should Know!

Every girl is always on the lookout for easy hairstyling tips and tricks; anything that makes our mane look fab, without much effort. So we rounded up the best hairstyling hacks for long hair, just for you. Here’s how you can make your morning routine that much easier. Have a happy hair day, everyday!

1. Control frizz with hairspray on a toothbrush

1 hairstyling hacks Frizzy hair is a problem that most girls face. If you want to control the frizz, but don’t want hairspray making your hair look stiff, use a toothbrush! That’s right! Spray the toothbrush with hairspray and then run it over those pesky flyaway strands. Your frizzy hair will disappear and this will also make your hair easier to style.

2. High ponytail trick

Long-haired girls are so lucky because they can rock a high ponytail like nobody else can! However, if you want your high ponytail to survive the whole day without drooping into a low ponytail, use bobby pins to prop it in place. Pin two bobby pins at the base of your ponytail to give it a boost.

3. Fake a bob

3 hairstyling hacks Want to switch things up without actually chopping your beloved hair off? Try this hairstyle tip for long hair. Divide your hair into two and make two loose ponytails/plaits at the back of your head. Roll each pigtail/ponytail up from the ends and pin them at the back of your neck to create the illusion of a bob. All you need for this easy hack is two hair ties and some bobby pins! Also read: 6 Problems EVERY Girl With Long Hair Has & How To Fix Them!

4. Get curls in a jiffy

Want pretty curls but really don’t have the time to curl your long hair? This simple curling hack will help you out. Separate your hair into four sections and braid each section. Then, take a hair straightener and press it along the length of each braid. Repeat the process and open your braids to discover gorgeous curls!

5. Use hair pins correctly!

5 hairstyling hacks Managing long hair can be a task. We’re sure you use plenty of hair pins to keep your hair in place. But are you using them correctly? The right way to pin your hair is with the wavy side down! The wavy side has a better grip and keeps your hair in place.

6. Keep hair off your face

Long hair can keep coming on your face, which tends to get annoying. Use this simple and stylish trick to keep hair off your face. Take a thin section of hair from the front on one side, twist it, and pin it at the back with a hair pin. Repeat on the other side. Voila! Hair off your face and oodles of style in under 2 minutes!

7. Sleep with a beanie on…

7 hairstyling hacks …to cut down on frizz! It’s true. Sleeping with a beanie over your hair will actually help you wake up with softer, frizz-free hair! You can even wrap your hair in a clean sock if you don’t have a beanie!

8. Get rid of split ends at home

The first step to having lovely long hair is maintaining it and keeping it healthy. To do that, here’s how you should get rid of split ends. Take a thin section of your hair, twist it and slightly back comb the ends. The ends of the hair will pop out, enabling you to see the split ends clearly. Snip them off to get healthy, long hair. Also read: 7 Amazing Hairstyles For Long Hair – You’ve Got To Try These!

9. Get more volume out of your hair

9 hairstyling hacks If you have limp and thin hair, use a volumizing gel on it before you sleep. Spread the gel evenly through the hair, twist your hair into a loose bun and sleep in it. In the morning, blow dry your hair while it is still tied up and then open it to see bouncier hair!

10. Fake bangs that look bang-on real!

This is a trick that only girls with medium to long hair can pull off. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and pass a hair tie halfway through it. Let the ends of your ponytail fall on your forehead like bangs would. Gently pull your half-ponytail to make it look like a bun and tie a pretty hair band around your head to complete the look. Watch the full tutorial here.

11. Curl your hair from the middle

11 hairstyling hacks For long-lasting and better curls, start curling your hair from the middle rather than the ends when using tongs. Not only is this method easier, it will also give you better curls! Images: Shutterstock

10 Oct 2016

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