10 BEST Hair Styling Tricks All Brides With Long Hair MUST Know!

10 BEST Hair Styling Tricks All Brides With Long Hair MUST Know!
Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a newly married girl, the pre and post phase of marriage is always filled with way too many outings! Before the wedding, it’s the friends and family who want to catch up, and after the wedding, you’re flooded with dinner invites and first year functions. And you sure want your hair to be on-point for each of these gatherings. While we’ve already given you hairstyle ideas, here are a few hair styling hacks for the bride with long hair. Just so styling your hair is easier and quicker.

1. The quick refresh

1 hair styling hacks Washing your long tresses can be quite a time consuming task. Specially when you’re running late. While dry shampoo is a blessing, you can even make do with a baby powder. Rub a generous amount of powder on your scalp and roots and you’ll notice visibly less oily hair. Perfect for a night out with friends!

2. Power up your ponytail

High ponytails look sleek and sexy, but sometimes, the weight of your long hair can cause them to droop after a while. The easiest thing is to use two bobby pins at the base of your ponytail to make sure it stays in place. Alternatively, you could even use a claw clip to ensure your pony stays up and right.

3. Make your bobby pins more efficient

3 hair styling hacks Got long, silky straight hair? We understand how difficult it must be to avoid your bobby pins from slipping. So here’s what you can do. Spread your bobby pins on a paper towel and spritz on them a hairspray. Hold the edges of the towel together, give it a little shake to spread the spray evenly, and then use the pins. We swear, they’ll keep your hair in place all through the night.

4. Fix flyaways using a toothbrush!

It’s so important to use a hairspray to keep your hair in place or tame those flyaways. But don’t we all just hate it how it leaves our strands looking extremely stiff? Now here’s a trick. Get a toothbrush and spray it with the hairspray. Next, gently rub it over your hair without worrying about making it stiff. There, you’re done!

5. Double up your ponytail

5 hair styling hacks Is your hair limp and thin and would you love to add some life and volume to your ponytail? Here’s a trick to fake a fuller ponytail. All you have to do is tie two ponytails, one on top of the other, in the same line. It’s the easiest way to give your hair some volume and make your pony look even longer.

6. Curling it right

Want your curls to last longer? Obviously you’ll need a great curling rod but you also need to know how to use it the right way. Start curling your hair from the middle instead of the ends. Not only will it give you gorgeous natural curls, but also make them last longer.

7. A straightener for gorgeous waves!

7 hair styling hacks You don’t need every hair styling tool in your dressing room. You can easily use a straightener for a beach waves look. Divide your hair into 4 - 6 sections, depending on the thickness and volume. Braid each section and press a straightener along the length of each braid. Spritz on some hair spray before opening those braids. And voila, you now have the most gorgeous waves ever!!

8. Blow it cold

A blow dryer is a must in your hair styling kit. But most of us only and only use it on the warm setting. If you want better results with the blow drying and want the style to set better, alternate between hot air and cold air. Trust us, the results will surprise you.

9. A blow dry at home!

9 hair styling hacks Blow drys are complicated! But we’re not actually asking you to juggle between a dryer and a round brush. All you need is a curling iron with a wide barrel. Simply comb your hair and start curling from the ends and move upwards. This is one easy trick to give yourself a quick and amazing blow dry!

10. Adding volume is so easy

Big party the next day and your hair feeling flat and limp? Wash your hair and evenly spread a volumizing gel all over it. Sleep with your hair tied in a bun and blow dry the next morning while it’s still tied. You’ll have lovely, bouncy hair once you open up that bun the next morning! Internal Images: Shutterstock