Tuesday Tutorial: The Easiest Ways To Curl Your Hair At Home!

Tuesday Tutorial: The Easiest Ways To Curl Your Hair At Home!
If you weren’t blessed with gorgeous, springy curls (who really is?!) or want to add some playful texture to your ordinary, straight hair, you’ve probably tried curling your hair before. Well, now we ensure you don’t end up with frizzy ringlets but those glamorous bends and kinks that you’re lusting after. We tell you how to curl your hair with a curling iron as well as without heat to see whichever works for you and your hair best. Get ready to fall in love with your Curly hair
Wondering how to curl hair at home? Here is how

Method 1 – Using A Curling Iron

how to curl your hair

A curling iron helps give you long-lasting curly hair on stubbornly straight hair too, minus the frizz. 

How to curl hair at home using this method

You Will Need
  • curling Iron – Choose a size depending on the type of curls you want. For beachy waves and curls pick one that is an inch or two wide. For tighter curls and ringlets you need to pick one that is an inch or less wide.

  • heat protectant spray

  • strong hold mousse


Step 1: Begin by applying your mousse on dry hair. Apply it on your roots for a fuller, mega voluminous look, or along your mid lengths to ends for a looser look. If your hair isn’t oily, you don’t need to wash it first, remember second day hair holds styles better. Just apply a dry shampoo, then the heat protectant spray, followed by the mousse. 

Step 2: Divide your hair into sections and clip them away; the thicker your hair is the more sections you will need to make the process more manageable. 

Step 3: Now start by picking up 1-inch sections from the nape and working your way up. Clamp the hair at the ends and roll the barrel up till the whole section is wrapped around it. Hold it like this for a few seconds before releasing the section. 

Step 4: Continue working in sections across your entire head till you have all curly hair. Finger comb the curls gently to finish. You can mist on some hairspray if you want to prolong the style. 

* Remember to never ever curl your hair when it is damp. Wait till it’s completely dry before you begin. 

Method 2: No-Heat Curls

how to curl your hair

There are several methods to help you get curls minus the heat; these are mainly overnight methods that help you wake up to your desired style. Wondering, how to curl hair naturally without heat? Here are 2 favourite methods.

1. Rag Curls

Take a rag or an old T-shirt and cut it up into thin strips. Then, on damp hair, take sections of hair, start at the ends and roll each section around a strip of fabric till you reach your scalp. Then tie the ends of the strip tightly together to hold your hair against your scalp. Do this on sections across your entire head before hitting the sack (don’t worry, the strips are soft enough to sleep on). When you wake up, untie each strip and let loose soft, bouncy curly hair. Remember, the section of hair you wrap around each curl depends on how loose/ tight you want the curl - wrapping a thinner section around each strip gives tighter curls. 

2. Braid Brigade

This is a super popular technique to help achieve curly hair without heat and is very easy. Simply apply some mousse to damp hair before braiding it at night. Remember one single, big braid will only give you soft waves, so by making more braids you’ll get a curlier effect. Try multiple plaits to achieve more defined curls. The tighter the plaits are, the tighter your curls will be the next morning. 

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