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8 Hairstyles You MUST Experiment With In Your 20s!

8 Hairstyles You MUST Experiment With In Your 20s!

Your 20s is a time of experimentation and fun. Especially since your hair grows faster than it ever will right now, you can have an edgy pixie cut one month and a fabulous blunt bob 2 months later. In fact, now is the only time you could dye your hair pink and get away with it. Don’t waste these years with a boring do. We give you some hairstyles you must experiment with in your 20s, they’re flattering, young and chic. When you’re older, you’ll be glad you tried them!

1. Blunt Bangs

hairstyles to try in your twenties

High-fashion blunt bangs are perfect for enhancing your cheekbones. They’re super stylish and are a quick way to add some drama to your look. Yes, they could be a bit high-maintenance but they’re also incredibly stylish. Plus, you can grow them out whenever you want.

2. A Soft Pixie

hairstyles to try in your twenties

With your young, delicate features, a short pixie cut is ideal. You should go short and drastic at least once in your life – and what better than with a head-turning do? Long bangs help soften the style and keep it feminine. It’s a bold style that will help you look fresh, daring, unique and incredibly sexy. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, though, so you should definitely try it now and not when you’re in your 40s.

3. A Beautiful Ombre

hairstyles to try in your twenties

Since now is the only time you won’t have to worry about greys, a fun dye job is a must. Think gorgeous brown hair that gradients into caramel strands towards the ends. It’s perfect for a sun-kissed look. If you haven’t tried the ombre trend yet, then we don’t know what you’re waiting for! It doesn’t even have to be too drastic if you don’t want it to be. Going a few shades lighter around your face and ends is also perfectly fine. If you want to try something completely different then ask for a reverse ombre. It’s basically lighter on top and darker as you go down towards the ends. If you don’t have fun with your locks now, then when will you?!


4. The Bob

hairstyles to try in your twenties

The bob is ultra chic, polished and edgy – all at the same time. Get a blunt cut and then transform it into an asymmetric cut when you’re bored of it. It’s funky and fresh and a look you’ll only be able to carry off with oodles of confidence in your twenties.

5. Long Beach Waves

hairstyles to try in your twenties

Long, choppy layers to help accentuate waves is ideal for this look. It’s a style that never goes out of vogue, it’s casual yet so sexy. Straight really is boring, so get your hands on some sea salt spray and use your fingers to twist and tousle your strands into loose bends. There’s something so glamorous about this look and it definitely helps take the boredom out of long hair.

6. The Razored LOB

hairstyles to try in your twenties

There’s a reason the LOB was one of the most popular haircuts of 2015; it’s youthful and basically looks fantastic on everybody and every hair type. By getting the ends razored for this shoulder-grazing haircut, it helps give better shape and more movement to your strands. Trust us, you won’t regret it when you cut your hair off.

7. Playful Braids

hairstyles to try in your twenties

Think Alia Bhatt, who never repeats a braid twice. This is the age to experiment with flirty braids and put all those YouTube tutorials to good use. Braided updos, braided bangs or boho braids – just about anything. They’re adorable and super feminine. A braid just about anywhere can help notch up your hair game in an instant. Try a different one for every occasion, there’s never a bad moment for a braid.

Image Source: Alia Bhatt on Instagram

8. A Funky Colour

hairstyles to try in your twenties

You can only get away with a drastic dye job at this age, trust us. Pink, purple, red, blue – if you’ve secretly wanted to try a bold hair colour, then just do it. Try highlights, dip-dye the ends or colour your whole hair a funky shade. Your parents will definitely freak out at first but they will laugh about it later – we promise. Hell, try rainbow hair if that’s what you want. It’s all about expressing yourself and having fun with your style. After all, YOLO!

Images: Shutterstock, Viral Bhayani

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05 May 2016

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