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Hairstyles for long hair you should be flaunting now!

Hairstyles for long hair you should be flaunting now!

Lobs and bobs can come and go, but long hair will never go out of style. If you’re a long-haired girl and love it, then we have the perfect styles for you. You can change up your look and give your locks a trendy spin without chopping off the length. We give you the prettiest haircuts for long hair. You don’t need to just go in for a boring trim, try these cool hairstyles for long hair while still rocking Rapunzel-esque locks.

1. Rocker Chic Locks

point 1 haircuts for long hair

Ask your stylist for choppy layers, rather than the regular ones that blend nicely into your hair. These layers should be a bit rough at the end for that bedhead look. It’s such an easy style to maintain, all you need to do is wake up and smoothen it down just a bit. SUch hairstyles for long hair work really well on naturally wavy hair – the more texture the better.

2. Major Layers In The Front

point 2 haircuts for long hair

Heavily layered in the front styled hairstyles for long hair work especially well for fine hair and straight textures. You can have minimal layers at the back. By doing this, your hair will look fuller and can frame your face. Your front layers also help flatter your face. Start your layers above your cheekbone to soften a square shaped face or strong jawline and below that for an oval or heart shaped face.


3. Tapered Ends For Thick Hair

point 3 haircuts for long hair

If you have very thick, wavy or curly hair then thinner ends help remove bulk and make your locks more manageable. They also maintain the spiral shape of your curls. Any thick-haired girl will understand the struggle of her hair ballooning up, which is what this style will help prevent. Also, ask your stylist to texture such hairstyles for long hair (they have special scissors for this) to help keep thick hair in check.

4. Undercut Layers For Extra Bounce

point 4 haircuts for long hair

For super-thick haircut for long hair, layers in the inner sections create extra movement in your hair. It gives it that natural swing when you move. Plus, it makes extra thick hair much more manageable. Your mane will look lush and bouncy on the outside and be manageable and not so thick from underneath, which solves that problem of too much hair.

5. Blunt Bangs

point 5 haircuts for long hair

From Zooey Deschanel to Taylor Swift, we have enough proof that hairstyles for long hair with bangs looks undeniably cute. Say goodbye to your safe, side-swept hair and give your mane an instant makeover. Ask your stylist to layer your bangs just a bit so they aren’t too heavy. Get layers in the front starting from below the chin to frame and flatter your face.

6. Mermaid Hair

point 6 haircuts for long hair

Wild, flowy curls can look feminine and so romantic. For these long hairstyles, you need round layers all around your head that blend in beautifully. Long layers are a must to add weight for holding down your curls without making them look heavy. For curly hair, it’s advisable to get a dry cut. You know how different your hair looks when wet and when it’s dry after all.


7. The Modern Farrah Fawcett

point 7 haircuts for long hair

This updated version of the 1970s phenomenon is for full-on sexiness. Round layers at the top coupled with longer layers at the bottom add a gorgeous shape to your locks while making them look super lush and full-bodied. A center part and brow-skimming bangs on both sides finishes off these long hairstyles with an ultra glam do.

Images: Viral Bhayani, Shutterstock

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05 May 2016

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