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6 Hair Styling Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Day!

6 Hair Styling Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Day!

Did you know that your hairstyle can make or break your bridal look? It certainly can! That’s why you need to plan your look in advance. With the help of your hairstylist and using the right products, your hair is bound to look naturally flawless on the big day. Here are 6 hair styling mistakes to avoid on your wedding day. (You’re welcome!)

1. Keep away from experimenting

Colouring your hair or even cutting it is a big no-no! What if something goes wrong? Your colour job can turn out too light and you could hate your new haircut. No bride wants to deal with such disasters just before her special day. Refrain from experimenting in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Colouring and a trim should be done 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

1 hair styling mistakes

2. Don’t go overboard with accessorizing

Keeping it simple is the new classy. The more minimal your hair accessories, the more attention your gorgeous bridal outfit gets. Pick statement accessories that will not only compliment your attire, but will also make you look stunning at the same time.


3. Are you communicating with your hairstylist?

Your hairstylist has to be like your best friend on your wedding day. If you have doubts and questions regarding the perfect hairstyle that will compliment your face, you’ve got to have a word with them weeks in advance before the wedding. Be honest and tell him/her your concerns. Once you’re on the same page as them, they’re going to do a fabulous job at making your hair look amazing.

3 hair styling mistakes

4. Updos aren’t the ONLY hairstyle option

Many brides think that the updo hairstyle is the only kind that’s available to them. It’s not! Ladies, if you experiment and talk to your hairstylist, you’ll understand there’s a sea of options to choose from. Let it loose, braid it up or even accessorize it, the choice is yours!

5. NEVER use a hair conditioner on your wedding day

You may or may not know this, but it’s advisable to skip using a hair conditioner on your wedding day. You see, conditioners make your hair silky and very soft, making it difficult to style and stay in place. Only if your hairstylist asks you to do so should you go ahead with it. Your hairstylist is most likely to use a hairspray to set your hair on your wedding day.


5 hair styling mistakes

6. Put out the heat

Before the big day, there are other functions that take place too. Constantly styling your hair for the mehendi, sangeet and bachelorette party could take a toll on your mane. Teasing, excess combing, straightening and blowdrying could leave your hair feeling lifeless and drab on the main day. Our solution – always use a heat protectant to manage your hair.

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23 Jun 2016

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