Hairsprays To Keep Your Hair Perfect Even Through The Sangeet!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 25, 2016
Hairsprays To Keep Your Hair Perfect Even Through The Sangeet!


This story was updated in February 2019. Attending an important function? We bet there will be lots of dancing involved too! If so, then we bet you must be worried about how to keep your hair in place. After spending so much time and money styling your mane perfectly, you don’t want it to fall apart or flat during an important event. What you need is a trusty hairspray! The kind that not only protects your hair, but also holds it perfectly together. Here are 10 hairsprays that will make your life easier. (Feel free to pick the best hair setting spray)

Hair Setting Sprays For Keeping Your Hairstyle Intact!

Get one of these hair sprays for yourself to keep your hairstyle perfect during party and carefree frolicking.

1. Hair Thickening Spray Bhringraj & Shikakai

Hair-Thickening-Spray-Bhringraj-&-Shikakai-best-hair-spray-for-women This hair spray from Forest Essentials is a nature’s blessing. It has the goodness of bhringraj and shikakai which are hailed for their magical benefits for hair. So, it is the best hair spray for women who are looking for a natural product. Price: Rs 1250. Buy it here.

2.Nova Gold Hair Spray Natural Hold

Nova-Gold-Hair-Spray-Natural-Hold-best-hair-spray-for-women This international brand affirms to give shiny hair with thickness. It has a non stick formula which gives bounce to the hair. It’s even not charging much for making your hair look glamorous. . Price: Rs 441. Buy it here.

3. Berina Super Firm Hold Hair Spray

Berina-Super-Firm-Hold-Hair-Spray-best-hair-spray-for-women Want a hair spray that will nourish your hair instead of destroying its health? Well, here you go! This hair spray contain Pro-vitamin B5 which for improving your hair’s health. It has a long lasting hold which will save your hair from a ruined hairstyle. Price: Rs 115. Buy it here.

4. Enliven Pro V Hair Spray 1 Hair sprays to keep your hair intact

One of the main reasons why we love this hair spray is because it caters to all hair textures and is extremely affordable. It contains provitamin B5 that helps strengthen hair and replace lost amino acids which are found naturally in the hair. Totally worth the price! Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

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5. BBlunt Mini Spotlight Hair Polish

2 Hair sprays to keep your hair intact If you want your hair to look glossy and healthy at the function, you should totally use this hair volume spray from BBlunt. It contains silk proteins, provitamin B5 and vitamin E. It saves your hair from environmental pollutants and keeps your style intact for long hours Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

6. Oriflame Hairx Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray

3 Hair sprays to keep your hair intact If you’ve already styled your hair, make sure that you add a finishing touch by using this hair volume spray. It contains keratin which protects hair’s texture and gives it a glossy finish. It also claims to last for 48 hours! That’s perfect if you’re intending to party the night away. *wink* Price: Rs 539. Buy it here.

7. L’Oreal Professionnel TNA Wild Stylers Crepage De Chignon

4 Hair sprays to keep your hair intact This baby not only helps in creating volume for your gorgeous mane but also gives hair a shiny texture due to its matte effect. If you have curly or wavy hair, this hairstyling spray will be perfect you! So, this is the best hair setting spray for curls. You’re going to grab eyeballs for sure! Price: Rs 1,148. Buy it here.

8. Organix Brazilian Keratin Flat Iron Spray

5 Hair sprays to keep your hair intact Do you use a hair straightener often? If so, this is a hairspray worth investing in. It contains Brazilian coconut oil combined with hydrolyzed keratin protein that help protect your strands from the heat of the iron. Not to forget, it also does a fab job at making hair soft and smooth. Price: Rs 725. Buy it here.

9. Dove Strength and Shine Hairspray

6 Hair sprays to keep your hair intact This hairstyling spray is designed to cater to all hair types. While it provides protection for long hours after use, it also nourishes and repairs damaged hair follicles at the same time. It keeps the frizz at bay and adds volume. Price: Rs 1669. Buy it here.

10. Toni & Guy Glamour: Moisturising Shine Spray

7 Hair sprays to keep your hair intact Believe it or not but this hairspray does two jobs at the same time! It moisturizes hair and gives it a shiny finish. It’s long-lasting and is a product to use after styling your hair. It will prolong your style while making your mane look super healthy. Price: Rs 900. Buy it here.

11. TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray

8 Hair sprays to keep your hair intact We know how hard it is to keep your hair perfectly intact through a long function. Lucky for you, this hairspray will make your life easier. It’s non-sticky and claims to offer 24-hour humidity resistance. No matter what you do or where you go, this baby will keep your hair in one place. It’s mega trustworthy! Price: Rs 1600. Buy it here.

12. Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray

9 Hair sprays to keep your hair intact .JPG If you’re the type of girl who likes to splurge on quality, you have to pick up this hairspray! It has a strong hold on your hairstyle and gives off a subtle shine. It also has a mild yet fresh scent to it. You have to try it to believe it. Price: Rs. 1784. Buy it here.

13. Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Hair Spray

Tigi-Bed-Head-Masterpiece-Hair-Spray-best-hair-spray-for-women Brownie points for packaging and delivering positive results as a product. It gives a great hold when you spray and comb your hair. The fragrance is yummy, and it’s a favourite amongst professionals. Pick it up today Price: Rs. 2,100 Buy it here.