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10 Age-Old Myths About Hair Care You Should NOT Believe!

10 Age-Old Myths About Hair Care You Should NOT Believe!

We’ve all grown up believing certain beauty rules that were passed down to us from our mothers and grandmothers, especially all those so called dos and don’ts to give us long, strong and dreamy strands. But what if we told you that some of them are simply not true? Here are 10 hair myths that you need to stop believing in NOW!

Myth 1: Brushing your hair a 100 times makes it shiny

1 hair myths We’ve all heard that we should brush our hair a 100 times before sleeping to make it shiny. Not true. Excessive brushing can actually ruin your hair! Brushing too much damages the hair cuticle and causes frizziness and breakage. Brush your hair until it is detangled and free of knots – and then leave it alone!

Myth 2: Don’t pluck a grey hair because two will grow back in its place

Again, not true at all. Don’t go into panic mode if you accidentally pull a grey strand. Plucking a grey hair will not cause two grey hairs to grow back in its place. It can, however, lead to thinning and weakening of hair. So if you do spot a stray grey, just let it be. And if it bothers you too much, book an appointment with your hairstylist instead of tweezing out silver strands individually!

Myth 3: Trimming regularly makes hair grow faster

3 hair myths Hair grows from the roots and not the ends, so trimming regularly will not affect the rate of growth at all! However, it is recommended that you trim your hair once every three months to make it appear healthier and get rid of split ends. After all, you don’t want them spreading up your hair strands and hampering growth. Also read: 7 Ways You Might Be Damaging Your Hair… Every Day!

Myth 4: You should comb your hair from top to bottom

This is another mistake girls make while combing their hair. It’s a popular myth that combing your hair from top to bottom is the best method. In reality, it can cause hair breakage on a massive scale! Always start combing your hair gently from the bottom and work your way up.

Myth 5: You should always towel dry your hair

5 hair myths Nope. If you step out of the shower and reach for the towel to start rubbing your hair vigorously, stop! Towel drying your hair can cause breakages and hair weakening. Instead, gently squeeze excess water out from your hair using a towel (preferably a microfiber one) and then use a wide-toothed comb to detangle.

Myth 6: You should skip the conditioner if you have greasy hair

Greasy hair is caused by overactive sebum production in the scalp, and skipping the conditioner won’t do any good. If you have greasy hair, use conditioner on the ends, and use an oil-control shampoo to reduce the oiliness.

Myth 7: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

7 hair myths You should lather and rinse, but you shouldn’t repeat! Most people do not need to repeat after shampooing their hair once. It will only strip your hair of its natural oils. Shampooing twice every once in awhile is okay if your hair feels dirty, but don’t make a habit of it. Also read: 8 Super Blow-Drying Tricks For Salon-Style Hair At Home!

Myth 8: Lighten your hair naturally in the sun – it’s the best way

It’s not the best way. Do not try to stand in the harsh sun for hours in an attempt to lighten your hair, you can end up with a sunburn, not to mention the UV rays damage and dry out not just us our skin but our locks too. If you really want lighter hair, look for a professional stylist who can recommend a good lightening cream for your hair.

Myth 9: Sleep with your hair open to make it grow faster

9 hair myths Sleeping with your hair open will prevent unnecessary pulling and breakage, but it won’t make your hair grow longer. You should never sleep in a tight ponytail as that can cause tension at the root and weaken your hair. A loose bun or braid is a safe choice to keep your hair safe from damage as you twist and turn all night.

Myth 10: If you keep using the same shampoo, it will stop being effective

Simply not true. If you find a product that suits your hair type, we say you should stick with it! A shampoo’s effectiveness will not decrease whether you use it for weeks or for years. If, however, you go in for hair treatments like colouring or straightening, then you should definitely switch to a specialized shampoo. Images: Shutterstock

08 Aug 2016

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