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#EWW: 11 Super-Gross Things We All Do Without Thinking. It’s Time to STOP!

“I never do anything gross,” you say? Well, we’re here to prove you wrong. You probably don’t do all the things on this list, but we’re sure you’re guilty of at least one or two of these crimes. Here are our top picks of super-gross things people do without thinking – stop them NOW!

gross things people do 3

1. Picking your nose in public when your mind is busy gallivanting on another planet. It’s crude and disgusting and you look really stupid. It’s your nose, not an astronomical wonder – you don’t have to explore it.

gross things people do 4

2. Removing your wet shoes and socks to dry off below the office’s AC vent during the monsoons. Ewww! In case you didn’t realize it, your co-workers could die of that stench.

3. Leaving your handbag on the bathroom floor when there is no hook on the door in a public toilet. Germs, germs!

gross things people do 7

4. Changing baby diapers on the airplane tray table. Why, oh WHY?

5. At a buffet, using bare hands to serve yourself rotis and papads even when there are tongs. Germs again.

gross things people do 6

6. Smelling your underarms to check if you are stinking. Folks, there are washrooms for such things.

7. Farting in the pool. Why just the pool? This can happen at office ideation meetings, and public transport too. Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

gross things people do 1

8. Sharing earphones. You realize, right, that they’re basically coated with earwax? Errr, why not just keep your earphones and all the muck and bacteria to yourself?

gross things people do 5

9. Talking on your cellphone in the loo. There is an entire universe outside where you can have telephonic conversation; why the loo? Do you WANT the person you’re speaking to hearing you flush and picturing you wiping your bum?

10. Sharing rented bowling shoes. Think of the number of smelly feet that have been in them before yours. Imagine all of that stink and grime seeping into your skin. Eww, ewwww!

gross things people do 2

11. Holding coins and notes between your lips while looking for change to give to a rickshawallah or a vendor because your hands are full. Trust us, you don’t even want to know where all that money has been before it got into your mouth…

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06 May 2016

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