Why Is It Called ‘Good Friday’ & Why Do We Celebrate It? Let’s Find Out!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Mar 7, 2021
Why do we celebrate good Friday


Good Friday is one of the most important days for Christians all around the world. It takes place on a Friday just before Easter and is considered a day of mourning among Christians keeping the Crucifixion of Jesus in mind. In some countries, Good Friday is also known as ‘Holy Friday’, ‘Silent Friday’, ‘Easter Friday’ or ‘Great Friday’. Good Friday in 2021 is falling on the 2nd of April, and due to the current pandemic, only a limited number of people will be allowed for services inside the Church. For Good Friday this year, those who cannot attend the service in person may have to watch it on television. To know more about Good Friday traditions, read on to find out.

Why Is Good Friday Called Good Friday?

You’re probably wondering why do we celebrate Good Friday, right? Well, it’s regarded as the day when Jesus died on the cross to save humanity. The ‘Good’ part of Friday doesn’t actually imply that the day was good or positive. On the contrary, it signifies the saviour giving up his life for our sins and his victory over death (the start of his resurrection that takes place on Easter Sunday).

What Do Christians Do On Good Friday?

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The Good Friday main service usually takes place in the evening at the Church. In remembrance of Christ’s death, hymns are sung, Good Friday prayers are offered, and the Priest/Minister usually gives a homely about the significance of the Good Friday ritual. The prayer of the eucharist is absent, and the communion of the previous day is served to the catholic congregation. Good Friday in India, services usually take place in the afternoon at the Church. Parades are also held in some places like Daman, Goa and Diu in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice to save mankind.

What Is The Symbol of Good Friday and What Is Its Meaning?

The most important symbol of Good Friday is the crucifix. According to Good Friday history, it means the one that’s fixed to the cross. It represents Jesus on a bare wooden cross. It’s also a common sight to see crosses in the Church covered and draped with black cloth on Good Friday. To capture solemnity to Good Friday and show respect to the day, one usually wears a variation of black or dull outfits. Since it is regarded as a day of mourning, one should refrain from wearing vibrant coloured outfits.    

List of Countries That Have A Holiday On Good Friday

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In honour of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, here’s a list of some of the countries that view Good Friday as a public holiday. 

  • India
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Peru
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • The United Kingdom
  • New Zealand 
  • The Philippines
  • Finland 
  • Germany
  • Malta 
  • Mexico
  • Some States In USA
  • Sweden
  • Kenya
  • Bermuda
  • Venezuela 

Good Friday Holiday List From 2021-2026

Good Friday doesn’t always take place on the same date every year. According to the Christian belief, Good Friday falls three days before Easter. Here’s the Good Friday date holiday list for years 2021-2026. 



Friday, 02 April 


Friday, 15 April


Friday, 07 April


Friday, 29 March


Friday, 18 April


Friday, 03 April


10 Facts About Good Friday You Didn’t Know

These Good Friday facts are bound to interest you! These facts will teach you the significance of Good Friday. 

  • The first Good Friday took place on the 3rd of April, 33 AD.
  • The inscription on the Cross where Jesus was crucified reads as ‘The King of The Jews’
  • Good Friday is referred to as Karfreitag in most German-speaking countries. It translates to mourning Friday. 
  • On Good Friday, many altars remain bare. There’s a life-sized cross placed next to or at the centre of the altar so parishioners can venerate the cross. 
  • Good Friday can take place anytime between March 20th to April 23rd. It all depends on the lunar calendar. 
  • Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. They are a part of Good Friday food traditions. The cross on the bun signifies Jesus’ crucifixion. Some believe that the bun brings good luck and protects families from the evil eye. 
  • 12 out of 50 states in the US recognise Good Friday as a public holiday. 
  • All around the world, Church bells will toll 33 times in memory of Christ’s life on Earth. 
  • In Ireland, if an egg is laid on Good Friday, they believe that it will never rot. To prove the myth, some folks hold on to these eggs for years! 

How To Celebrate Good Friday?

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Good Friday is not a day of celebration. It’s a day of self-reflection and observing. What you can do to celebrate Good Friday is start your day by visiting the Blessed Sacrament in the morning, then attending the Stations of Cross prayers in the Church and finally, attending the Good Friday service in the evening. Many people eat light/bland vegetarian meals or fast on Good Friday. Consumption of non-vegetarian foodstuffs is not encouraged. Since Jesus sacrificed his body on Good Friday, abstaining from meat items has become a catholic practice.

More Details On Good Friday

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We hope you learned something new today about Good Friday. It’s not a day of celebration, but a day to honour Jesus’ crucifixion. 

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