Ceramides Are The Winter Skin BFFs You Need To Add To Your Regimen & Here’s Why

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Nov 29, 2021
Ceramides Are The Winter Skin BFFs You Need To Add To Your Regimen & Here’s Why


Yes, we know, you’re already tired of trying to keep up with the newest and the trendiest skincare active. But guess what? That’s what we’re here for! Jumping puddles of failed experiments of the skincare industry, and climbing over the walls of useless fads, we stay winning with skincare trends that are actually worth trying, and here’s another one – ceramide skincare. But before we dive into the deets, let’s simplify the topic, shall we?

What Are Ceramides?

Ceramides are lipids that constitute up to 50% of our skin’s composition. They are fatty lipids that can be found on the uppermost layer of our skin in high concentrations. Ceramides help in maintaining a healthy skin barrier, which is responsible for locking moisture into the skin. It helps protect the skin from environmental damage, dryness and sometimes irritation too.

What Is Ceramide Skincare?


Ceramide skincare are ceramide-rich formulas that help in strengthening our skin barrier. If you have extremely dry skin or easily reactive skin which gets irritated or breaks out easily, ceramide skincare is the one for you. It can help in decreasing transepidermal water loss, increasing your skin’s hydration and can help strengthen the barrier function for protection against allergens and irritants. Ceramide skincare can be available in the market in the form of creams, lotions and even serums.

Why Do I Need It?

Although our skin is essentially made up of ceramides, we tend to lose these fatty acids over time. This can be caused due to factors like sun damage, harsh skincare, inadequate skin care, or even ageing. Ceramide skincare helps in replenishing the natural ceramide content in our skin to keep our skin healthy. It can also help in improving the skin texture.

Is Ceramide Skincare For You?

Ceramide skincare is suitable for all skin types – from oily and breakout-prone to normal and combination. However, dry and sensitive skin types can greatly benefit from it.

Ceramide skincare is great, but if your skincare routine doesn’t call for it, you can definitely stick to the basics!

Have you tried the new cool of the skincare game yet?

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