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The Easiest Makeup Tricks For Picture-Perfect, Glowing Skin!

The Easiest Makeup Tricks For Picture-Perfect, Glowing Skin!

Forget about eyeliner and bright lipsticks, fabulous glowing skin really is the best way to stand out. Of course, getting clear, even and radiant skin isn’t so easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it! We give you the simplest way to use makeup for flawless-looking skin. We’re talking a pore-less, luminous complexion. With the right products, follow these easy steps to get your skin to look like your dreams.


Step 1: Prime Like The Pros

glowing skin with makeup

Primer is probably the most underrated makeup product around. Most of you probably don’t want to add another product to your routine, but this one will make it all worth it. A primer creates a smooth surface, lightly moisturizes, minimizes visible pores, prevents creasing and helps your makeup last longer. Plus, it controls shine if you have oily skin, so it’s best to use an oil-free one. Just use a tiny bit and gently blend into your face like you would do with a moisturizer. You won’t think of applying makeup without it soon.

POPxo Loves: Colorbar Perfect Match Primer (Rs. 825)

Step 2: Conceal Away

Don’t make the mistake of picking a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin; choose one that matches it well. A creamy concealer should be used only on problem areas like on blemishes and redness, and especially around the under eye area. You don’t want dark circles to come in the way of a flawless look. Apply your concealer in little stripes only on problem areas and use your ring finger to blend well.

POPxo Loves: Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer (Rs. 500)

Step 3: All About That Base

glowing skin with makeup

A heavy foundation can ruin the look; the trick is to look naturally radiant, after all, and not “made up”. A “lightweight” or “sheer” foundation is what you should be looking for – preferably an illuminating liquid one to brighten your skin. Apply it in dots or stripes and use a beauty blender or your fingers to blend it in super well in circular motions. The heat from your fingertips will help warm it up, which will make it easier to blend and give it a natural look.

POPxo Loves: Avon Ideal Luminous Liquid Mousse Foundation (Rs. 559)

Step 4: Get Your Cheeks To Pop

Forget about trying to sculpt your cheekbones using blush; instead, use it to give you that pretty pink glow. Don’t apply it below your cheekbones but onto the apples of your cheeks (smile wide to find them). Then use your fingers to blend it up. For dewy skin, liquid blushes and cheek stains are better to use than cream or powder blushes. Pretty hues of pinks, corals and berries that are well blended add some colour while giving you that natural-looking flush.

POPxo Loves: Maybelline Dream Touch Blush (Rs. 400)


Step 5: Light It Up!

glowing skin with makeup

This is our favourite step for bringing on that much-coveted glow. First you can add some dimension if you wish by using a bronzer with a brush in a number “3” shape along your temples, under your cheekbones and along your jawline. This is the simplest way to contour.

Now bring on the highlighter; it can be a liquid or powder one, or you can even use a shimmery champagne coloured eye shadow to do the trick. Apply it under the arches of your brows, along your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, in the center of your forehead and in the middle of your chin. Blend well so that it looks like the glow is coming from within. Now be amazed at how bright and luminous your skin looks!

POPxo Loves: Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator (Rs. 525)

Step 6: Set Your Glow

Now for the final touch – translucent powder. Use a big, fluffy brush to swirl it across your face and set the look.

POPxo Loves: Star’s Cosmetics Translucent Loose Powder (Rs. 225)

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05 May 2016

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