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9 Relatable and Funny Lipstick Memes to Tickle Your Bones!

9 Relatable and Funny Lipstick Memes to Tickle Your Bones!

Girls, lipstick is one makeup product that we just can’t live without. Period. From red to pink to those multiple shades of nude – we may have it all, but it’s never enough, is it? If given a choice we would probably choose this stick of colour over everything else – maybe even men for that matter… Well, as a little tribute to our favourite makeup product, we’ve pulled together a few of the best lipstick memes that’ll totally make your day. So read these funny lipstick memes and enjoy!


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1. Have you? *Wink*

1 Lipstick Memes

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2. Haha! Try it if you haven’t, already!

2 Lipstick Memes - lipstics

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3. Because we never have enough colours, right?

3  Lipstick Memes - red lipstick

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4. Every. Girl. Ever!

4  Lipstick Memes - white background

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5. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

5  Lipstick Memes - girl cartoon

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6. This funny lipstick meme is SO true!

6 lipstick memes

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7. Happens All. The. Time!

7  Lipstick Memes awkward guy

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8. Oh yeah! That’s a must!

8  Lipstick Memes - selfie with bestie

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9. Haha… This is just hilarious!

9 lipstick memes - angry mom

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These were so funny!

26 Jul 2017

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