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10 Girls Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Hickey Stories!

10 Girls Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Hickey Stories!

Hickeys may look scary but are actually kind of fun when we get them. Sometimes, we don’t even realize we have a love bite. It’s just something that happens in the heat of the moment. But what comes after that is the headache of hiding them! Here are 10 funny hickey stories of girls and how they hid the truth from the world… or just their hickeys!

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1. A little damage control!

Well, sometimes you don’t have a clue about when you might get a hickey. So that morning when I woke up at his house, after a pretty wild night, I was shocked to see not one but at least four hickeys on my neck. I had no scarf or anything to cover my neck and I had to get to work. In a desperate attempt, I messaged my colleague to get me a scarf. Then I opened my hair and held them down on my neck all the way to work, till I could put the scarf around my neck. I had to do that for a week!

2. Saved by the powder puff!

My boyfriend and I had gotten into a fight and we hadn’t spoken to each other for a whole week. After bumping into him at a friend’s party, all that anger melted away. All I could see was love in his eyes. We patched up that night and what followed after was a steamy make out session. Next morning, I packed my stuff to make it home for lunch. I got into a local train and suddenly heard someone call out my name! It was one of my college classmates. While we were talking, she coyly asked me about how last night was. I gave her a confused look, and that’s when she pointed out my hickey. I was terrified! I mean what if my parents saw this? I’d be grounded for LIFE! Just when I was panicking, she reached into her bag and pulled out her compact powder. She asked me to look the other side and puffed away! And just like that, the hickey had gone! (well, temporarily…) I couldn’t have thanked her enough! Yes, we did this in middle of the train compartment, in spite of people staring at us. This has got to be the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done in my life – yet!

2 funny hickey stories

3. Precaution is important!

In my experience, hickeys are something that you never plan. They are one of the many outcomes of the infamous ‘heat of the moment’! And so happened with me… one fine evening. One might think I’d be aware of eyes on me, on my metro ride back home (which by the way, takes more than an hour). But I wasn’t. Why? Because I had no idea I was walking around – like the happiest kid on Earth – with a huge hickey on my neck. But this wasn’t it! If the public noticed it, so did my PARENTS! I clearly remember my first ‘talk’ with my mother. Trust me, you don’t want to have that, ever! Long story short, I always carry a scarf in my bag whenever he invites me to ‘come over’ now!

4. Hickeys no more!

This happened when I was in 12th standard. Both my parents were working and so one day, I decided to bunk school to meet my boyfriend. I asked him to come over to my place, as soon as my parents left. Once he was there, one thing led to another and we were soon making out. After we were done, we ate, watched a movie and then he left. Later in the evening I was supposed to go to a family function with my parents. My outfit was already decided – it was V neckline kurta. And as soon as I got into it, I realized I had a hickey below my neck. And guess what? My mom walked in right when I saw that mark. She looked at me and asked me what is this? I had to lie saying it happened with my hair iron. But girls, moms know everything. She obviously understood but chose to ignore it. Ever since, my boyfriend isn’t allowed to give me hickeys on my neck.

4 funny hickey stories

5. Sister to the rescue

I have skin that bruises very easily. It doesn’t take much for a mark to show up. My boyfriend and I were fooling around at his place one day. I don’t remember when, but I ended up with a hickey on my collarbone area. Blissfully unaware, I went home not knowing it was perfectly visible to the world. Especially since it was in such an obvious place. As soon as I entered my house, my sister took one look at me and pulled me into my room – before I could meet my mom. She started laughing, pointed out the hickey and told me to take it a little easy! I freaked out wondering what would’ve happened had my mom seen it. For that whole week, I did not tie my hair even once and wore scarves that covered up the hickey, even though it was mid-summer!

6. From the no-makeup girl, to the red lipstick kinda girl!

Before I start narrating the incident, I have to point out two things. First, that I was among the few girls at my new workplace, who came to office sans makeup. Second, that I scar easily. And by easily, I mean, even a slight pinch on my arm leads to a bruise that lasts for days. Coming to the point – it was one wild make-out session with my then boyfriend, on an otherwise boring Sunday evening. There was some gentle biting here and there, nothing that any of us (from past experience) thought could lead to a full-fledged hickey. I reached back home just in time for dinner. My maid opened the door and instantly asked me how I’d hurt my lip! Yes, I had the darkest and largest hickey starting on my lower lip that extended slightly outside of it too. Come Monday morning and I was worried sick, wondering how I’d cover up that hickey from my colleagues and the boss! This is when a bold red lipstick came to the rescue. I outlined my lips in a way that had almost the entire mark covered, and filled that in with lipstick. Getting this hickey eventually earned my boyfriend some brownie points from my end. This is when I realized how much a blood red lipstick suited me! I got compliments from almost everyone at office that day, and on the next few days too. So, getting that hickey wasn’t so bad after all! *Wink*

6 funny hickey stories

7. The one where I forgot I had a hickey on my neck!

This one time my boyfriend and I were in bed and things were getting hot and heavy. He kissed me all over my neck and of course, gave me a hickey while he was at it. Later, when I went home, I obviously made sure that I hid my neck with a stole. Now you must be wondering, what’s the embarrassing part here? Well, I’m a carefree person and after a few hours passed, I forgot that I have a hickey on my neck. I changed into my tee and went to the kitchen to help out my mom. The moment I stood facing her, she saw those hickey marks and man, she was in a state of shock. She kept asking me – What is this? Do you have a boyfriend? What all have you been doing? And I just stood still. I had to tell her that I was with a guy and so she took his number and called him. She told him to stay away from me and told me to stay away from him. We eventually broke up, not because of the hickey incident, but because of other reasons. But seriously, this was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.  

8. Conceal away!

Hickies are never planned. They just happen in the heat of moment, right? My boyfriend and I have also had such moments. It gets embarrassing sometimes to come out in open with it. But that one day it was embarrassing to another level. I came directly to college from my boyfriend’s house after a hot, hot session and I hadn’t even noticed I had a hickey until my guy friend very politely asked me if I had hurt myself or something. I ran to the washroom, but not fast enough. A couple more of my friends saw it. I used a concealer to hide it but the damage was done. They still tease me about it till today!

8 funny hickey stories

9. He bit me…

We were that annoying teen couple who made some kids go ‘aww’ and made the sensible ones go ‘Ew…!’ When the school fete had almost ended, we were making out behind the pillar. That’s when he suddenly bit me and I squealed in pain. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked him. ‘Trying to give you a hickey’ he said. He thought it was cool. Only it looked more like a monkey bite than a hickey. Luckily it was winter and I had a lot of high neck stuff to wear!

10. Saved by the scarf!

I’d been seeing someone for about three months in college when we decided it was time to ‘kiss’! It was one of those sneaky kisses in an empty classroom with a crazy amount of adrenaline and thrill. While the kiss on the lips lasted a few seconds, everything was super intense and great. Then I went to the washroom and saw the damage on my neck that had been done! Thankfully, college had a market closeby and I told my boyfriend to buy me a scarf immediately. All peeps in class asked me why had I added a sudden accessory to my look? Well, I just had to play along and say I simply loved the scarf!

10 funny hickey stories

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16 May 2017

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