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7 Posh Destinations That Offer Surprisingly Affordable Gal-Pal Holidays!

7 Posh Destinations That Offer Surprisingly Affordable Gal-Pal Holidays!

Close your eyes and imagine the one place in the world you’d love to be right now. Now imagine your best friends by your side – laughing together, walking into souks, spas, shopping centres, and sun-kissed beaches with not a worry in the world! Sounds gorgeous, doesn’t it? Well, we are here to make your happy place come alive with a list of the most exciting places in the world where you can chill out with your besties, and have the time of your life!

From spending time getting scrubbed down in a Turkish hammam, or kitesurfing in the crystal clear waters of St Vincent and The Grenadines, this list has a little something for every girl gang seeking their next adventure!


1. The One With All The Pampering Hammams

1 - iran kashan hammam - fun things to do with your girlfriends

Where: Kashan, Iran


Why visit: A hammam, also called a Turkish bath, is a type of public bathhouse associated with the culture of the Ottoman Empire. The process involved in taking a Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna, where you can allow yourself to be pampered and scrubbed down in the most relaxing way possible.

Other attractions: Hammam-e Sultan Mir Ahmad – a 500-year old bathhouse that has been restored for public use and is quite the hotspot for tourists from around the world; Maranjab Desert Day Tour – surf the dunes and take a trip to the Dasht-e Kavir Salt Lake with your girls and capture all the beauty on your Instagram feeds!


Where to stay: Sana Historical Hostel for Rs 1,077 per night

2. The One Where Kitesurfing Takes Your Breath Away!

2 - st vincent and the grenadines kitesurfing - fun things to do with your girlfriends


Where: Union Island, St Vincent And The Grenadines

Why visit: Because there’s no better destination on the planet to master the exciting water sport – kitesurfing! With shallow pools and turquoise waters to perfect all your tricks, the location is one of the best, on the map, for you and your girlfriends to get the adrenaline kicking into high gear!


Other attractions: Take a boat trip to Tobago Cays, for spectacular diving spots and island hikes, or just kick back and enjoy the light and kitesurfing shows at the hip and happening Full Moon Party at the island.

Where to stay: Waves Villa Guesthouse for Rs 2,543 per night


3. The One With Cycle Tours And Food Trails

3 - pondicherry - fun things to do with your girlfriends

Where: Pondicherry, India


Why visit: If you and your girl gang are looking for a serene destination where you can soak up the sun and go on the most delicious food trails – particularly seafood – there isn’t a better spot than the quaint lanes and alleys of Pondicherry. You can rent cycles for as cheap as Rs 50 a day, and cave your own itinerary as you sample the finest food and old-town architecture the place can serve you.

Other attractions: Paradise beach, Rock beach, Chunnambar Boat House, Baker Street café, among others, are perfect places to have picnics by the sea, try a variety of water sports, or just snooze in the sun on hammocks all day long!


Where to stay: The French Villa for Rs 2,000 per night

4. The One With The Ultimate Beauty Shop Stops!

4 - seoul south korea - fun things to do with your girlfriends


Where: Seoul, South Korea

Why visit: Korean beauty products have been taking the world by storm for a while now. What better way to spend time on a girl’s trip than going all out to get the best beauty products that the world has to offer, in Myeongdong, Seoul?


Other attractions: Ewha Women’s University Shopping Street – for all the popular brands that the locals love; Dongdaemun – for wholesale and retail products spread across 30,000 shops, and Common Ground – latest and trendiest designs created by local designers that are going to have you shop till you drop!

Where to stay: Able Guesthouse Dongdaemun for Rs 2,689 per night


5. The One WIth The Yoga And Wine Retreats

5 - mallorca spain - fun things to do with your girlfriends

Where: Mallorca, Spain


Why visit: For a whole week away from your bustling and stressful work life, and the most luxurious time with your girlfriends, surrounded by good vibes and a whole lotta wine. Immerse yourself in the beautiful weather, meet interesting people, and take those yoga classes to truly let all your worries dissolve into nothing!

Other attractions: Visit the ruins of the town of Pollèntia; grab a bite at the beautiful Sa Torre Restaurant; or take a tour of the wonderful exhibitions at the Sala Picasso and Sala Miró.


Where to stay: You can book your arrival days at the retreat at Breathspiration. Price is subject to vary depending on your travel dates.

6. The One With The Love For Art, Literature, And History

6 - dublin ireland - fun things to do with your girlfriends


Where: Dublin, Ireland

Why visit: To sample a slice in the world of literary delights and architecture! Take a trip to Dublin with your gang of bookworms who would love the ancient history, cobbled lanes, the Guiness on tap and all the wonderful country routes you can drive. 


Other attractions: Old Library at Trinity College to take a look at the beautiful Book of Kells and the oldest harp in Ireland; a stroll through St Stephen’s Green and St Patrick’s Cathedral for a spectacular visual lesson on architecture.

Where to stay: Generator Hostel Dublin for Rs 1,494 per night


7. The One With The Beaches and Lagoons

7 - bathsheba barbados - fun things to do with your girlfriends

Where: Bathsheba Beach, Barbados


Why visit: Because trips to the most picturesque beaches with your girlfriends who love the sun and sand as much as you do, are the best kind of trips you can take! Known to be a surfer’s paradise, Barbados houses the popular Soup Bowl, located on the east coast, where you can catch the best waves for the thrilling sport.

Other attractions: Round House Restaurant, for some of the most scrumptious seafood delicacies you can find; Sea Side Bar over in Parlor is also a fantastic place for an amazing dining experience.


Where to stay: Bamboo Ridge for Rs 3,815 per night

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29 Jan 2018
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