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fun games to play at a sleepover

10 FUN “Girls’ Night In” Games To Play With Your Besties!

Spending the night with your favourite girls is the best thing ever! It’s exciting, and guarantees oodles of fun. What if we told you that you could make the night even more interesting? Here are 10 fun games to play with your girlies on the next night stay. Go, kill it!

1. Truth or dare

This one’s a classic game for a reason. You can never get enough of it! Not only can you challenge your girlies to some seriously embarrassing dares, but you can also get to know their deepest, darkest secrets!

1 games to play at a sleepover

2. Never have I ever

Never have I ever kissed a cute stranger at a party? If you have, then bottoms up, girls! It’s like one of the perfect drinking games to get to know your girls even better. Sounds like fun, right?!


3. Dark room

The dark room game makes you feel like a kid again. All you have to do is switch off all the lights and ask your girlies to hide anywhere around the room. Whoever’s den it is, has to search for them in the dark and is only allowed one guess after touching anyone. If you guessed wrong, it’s your turn again!

3 games to play at a sleepover

4. Heads up

I first saw it on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and I instantly fell in love with it! It’s the perfect game to play at a girl’s slumber party. You pick a category, place your phone on your forehead, and ask your girls to help you guess the word without using it in the sentence. It’s quite similar to taboo. Heads up is available on Apple and Android. If you don’t want to buy the app, Charades is a good alternative.

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5. Guess the singer!

You’ll need to make chits of paper for this one. Write down your favourite artist on a piece of paper, make it into a chit and ask your girls to pick one. Whichever artist they get, they have to sing the lyrics from their song. The person who guesses the artist correctly, wins! 5 games to play at a sleepover

6. Food face race

Warning! This game could get competitive and extremely messy. Place a biscuit or slice of cucumber on your friend’s face and ask them to guide the food all the way to their mouth. You can’t use your hands for this one, only your facial muscles. The faster you are, the better the chance of you winning!

7. Spin the bottle (with food)

Place out tiny bowls in a circle and place the bottle in the middle of them. You’ve got to fill these bowls with all sorts of food. The good (caramel popcorn), the bad (bitter cheese) and the ugly (green chillies). Of course, you can choose your own ingredients. After spinning the bottle, whichever bowl it points to that person has to eat some of the food in it! (Keep a camera ready!)

7 games to play at a sleepover


8. Blind makeover

This one’s so much fun that once you start, you can’t stop! Blindfold one of your girls and ask them to apply makeup on another friend. The catch here is that no one’s allowed to guide them or help them pick the right products!

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9. Kiss that smokin’ hot poster

I want you to imagine a hot poster of Ranveer Singh. Ask your girls to put on a bright shade of lipstick and blindfold them. The next step is to ask them to kiss the poster. Whoever reaches closest to his lips takes the poster home! *yay* 9 games to play at a sleepover

10. Twister

It’s the kind of game you won’t regret playing EVER! The games involves listening to the spinner’s commands and bending in the most ridiculous positions. The last person to not lose balance, wins! 😛


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