12 Coolest Ideas For A Fun Sleepover With Your Best Friends

12 Coolest Ideas For A Fun Sleepover With Your Best Friends

Nothing is better than having a strong sisterhood of girlfriends in our lives. They’re the ones who arrive at our doorstep with a bottle of wine and a tub of chocolate ice-cream after a messy breakup. They’re the ones who listen to us rant on for hours over a phone call whenever we feel low, even if it’s at 3 in the morning. They’re the ones who upload embarrassing photos of us on birthdays on social media and tag everyone we know. Most importantly, they’re the ones who love us unconditionally and stay with us through thick and thin - just an insta-story, call or a ‘cuddle’ away.

In the daily hustle of work-life, you may not get as much time as you’d want to spend with your best friends and before you know, it becomes difficult to stay in touch. Every couple of months, it's imperative that you call your friends for a sleepover and catch up on everything that has been happening, right from where you left off, initially. You can relive the childhood days with gossip sessions and pizzas, have a good ol’ movie marathon or add a twist to the night by introducing fun games and activities.

Why Is A Sleepover With Your Best Friends Important?

For starters, it’s the closest we’ll ever come to vacation without spending a single penny. It was easier when we were kids, and adulting was years away. Now, we all have different obligations and different schedules that don’t let us take an off together. Hence, a sleepover with our best friends acts as one of the best stress-busters in the whole world. Sitting on the bed in our PJs, challenging each other in a game of UNO and gossiping about work and life gives us a perfect opportunity to let out some steam and unwind after a long week. We can go out for parties or movies for as long as we like, but this is an unabridged relaxation that we certainly need from time to time.

So, if you want to indulge in a night full of fun and madness, too, call your best friends, right now. Add a little punch to your next girl's party with these fun sleepover ideas that won’t take much planning yet promise truckloads of memories:

1. Have A Karaoke Night!

Start the night on a musical note. Channel your inner Beyonce, let your hair down and sing like there’s no tomorrow. You can either buy a karaoke music system, download one of its apps or just simply play your favourite songs out loud and go nuts. Imagine being at the auditions for Indian Idol. Bonus points for expressions!

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2. Have Glam-Fun & Try New Looks

Ever watched an interesting makeup/hairstyle tutorial video, but were too lazy to try? Well, we give you and your BFF the perfect opportunity to unleash the beauty queens within. Bring out all your hair and makeup products and start watching the tutorial videos of your favourite beauty bloggers. Get inspired by their techniques, copy a little, experiment some and do what suits you best. Learn from each other and find out what must NOT be repeated ever again and what should definitely be done more often.


3. Play Board Games To Bring Out The Inner Child in You

Remember, as a child, when you would get too competitive while playing Ludo? How about you play some sleepover fun games - just bring out a pack of UNO or a board game like Scrabble or Snakes & Ladders, and you’ll see the same funny, a scowl on your friends’ faces when they lose. Raise up the stake (loser orders take-out) and team up against a common opponent to make the games more fun. It can get really addictive - winning and losing, and it might just become a tradition for every sleepover!

4. Unleash The Terror With A Thriller Movie Marathon

Want to give romance a miss this time around? Get your adrenaline pumping as you watch thrillers (all-time favourites - Don’t Breathe, Hush, The Strangers) or the chilling horror films (scariest of all - Friend Request, Clinical, Orphan). Warning - you might not be getting much sleep afterwards! Then again, isn’t that what you want?

5. Play The Blind (Food) Tasting Game - If You Dare!

Inspired by the ‘Masterchef’ series of the world, this game is bitingly entertaining, funny as hell and helps you try new things, one taste at a time. Get a pair of blindfolds and bowls of different sauces and vegetables and let the yummy or not-so-yummy tasting begin. Does food taste the same if you can’t see it? There’s only one way to find out.

6. Go Through Your Oldest Timeline Feeds On Social Media

When was the last time you scrolled down your ‘social’ memory lane for hilariously shocking revelations? A moment of silence for an annoying overuse of emojis for the smallest of reactions, your ‘unique’ way of eating up every second letter and turning them into codewords even the aliens failed to decipher (O mah gawd! wat r v sayyin?) or those mushy messages for the ex we wish we had never written. Feels good to be where you are now, doesn’t it?

7. Download A Dating App

What’s better than finding a ‘perfect match’ for yourselves or for someone you both know, through your combined expertise? Download Tinder, Bumble or TrulyMadly and find out if there’s someone right, nearby. Select the ones whose personalities (or cuteness) appeal to you the most and chat away. Being advised back and forth, it’ll surely make you feel like you’re back in school again.

8. Reveal The Deepest, Darkest Secrets From Your Dating Life

Ever had something you couldn’t spill while you were dating one of your exes? We all did! Well, it's time you come clean with all the little (or big) inside-details of your past relationships that you’ve been conveniently holding on to. Consider it a therapeutic closure and vent - no matter how dark, dirty or daunting. You never know what you might end up learning about each other or from your experiences. Isn’t this a fun sleepover idea?

9. Midnight Bake-OFF

There’s nothing more satisfying than giving in to your sudden midnight cravings and indulging in either the gooey goodness of buttery, maple-glazed french toasts or warm, fudgy chocolate brownies. Want to make it even more interesting? Challenge your best friend to a bake-off and make your favourite dishes from scratch. Whoever bakes the quickest and yummiest (your reactions being the judge) gets to...eat more, of course. Hehe!

10. Let’s Talk About S.E.X!

Need some advice about sex from your best friends? You have the best opportunity to discuss things that have been on your mind lately. Don’t feel awkward or shy while talking about your sex life because they’re going to be no judgments here. In fact, share some hilarious stories and you’ll definitely make a memory out of this session. This has to be one of the best sleepover ideas for girls. 

11. Glamping Experience

Because some parties start when the sun sets, there’s nothing better than having a glamping experience in your backyard. You can set up a glamorous camp with bright colours, typical Mexican garlands, pompoms, paper flowers and assorted cushions and spend the night gossiping, talking about your favourite movies and playing some fun games. 

glamping experience

12. Chick Flicks

Your favourite slumber party activity has to be movies and popcorn. There are just some movies that you have to watch with your girl gang. Print out a list of your favourite chick flicks and then get your girls to vote on one. It’s an easy way to choose your next Netflix movie!

chick flicks watching movie

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