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10 Super Cool Ideas For The Next Sleepover With Your Besties!

10 Super Cool Ideas For The Next Sleepover With Your Besties!

Getting your besties together and hanging out with them gives you a safe space to be your true selves, without filters or judgments. You laugh till your stomach aches, watch movies and cry it all out, or even just sprawl shamelessly on their bed while scrolling through your Instagram feed together. There’s nothing that a good girls night cannot cure, and there ain’t no party like a slumber party, am I right? Here are some fun sleepover ideas for a girls night in, for the next time your BFFs come over.

1. Clothes Swap

Have an outfit you want to give away because you just don’t pull it off anymore, or want to give yourself a fashion makeover but can’t decide how to do it? Trust your girlfriends to come to your rescue and take over each other’s wardrobes! Cute outfits galore and everyone goes home happy!

2. Junk food fest

Sure, every party is incomplete without food. But no sleepover BEGINS without food! Nothing says slumber party better than a pile of assorted junk food, cheesy pizzas, and unlimited fries to gorge on. Dieting on a girl’s night in? What’s that like? *chomps on chocolate bar*

2 sleepover ideas

3. “Candid” Photoshoots

Get out your sexiest outfits, pick the best lighting, strike a ‘candid’ pose and click a gazillion pictures of each other from all the perfect and flattering angles. Now you have a whole range of photos to choose from, for your next Facebook profile picture. #SquadGoals right there!

4. Live the dream of a beauty stylist!

Now’s your chance to wield your makeup brushes and go crazy with those beauty tutorials you always wanted to try but were too afraid to mess up and risk looking like a clown all day. When else are you going to rock those shimmery rainbow eyelids if not with your friends and click a dozen selfies, anyway?

4 sleepover ideas

5. Set up your own home spa

Bring home the good vibes and set up your very own manicure station, facial therapy session, and DIY makeup products for the much-needed quality time you need to spend with your besties. Scour the internet for inspiration and you’re all set for a soothing girls night indeed!

6. Bookworms unite!

Calling all bibliophiles! Just like swapping clothes, everyone can get a book they love and they want someone else to enjoy, and have a book club going to keep the love for literature alive.

6 sleepover ideas

7. Netflix and Chick Flicks

The one foolproof way to have a ton of fun at a sleepover - binging on your favourite movies and TV shows, of course! Lounging around, sipping on hot chocolate, and getting lost in Ryan Gosling’s gorgeous, green eyes? Sign me up!

8. Dance, dance, baby!

Channel your inner Sheila and her jawani or your own version of a badnaam Munni for a whole night full off uninhibited laughter and embarrassing dance moves. While you are at it, crank up the volume and challenge all your girlfriends to a dance-off. You know you can’t wait for this one!

8 sleepover ideas

9. Baking happiness!

Bring your A game to the night and go all out baking your favourite cookies, muffins, and cakes with help from your closest friends. Nothing spells ‘love’ better than a moist and gooey brownie and cupcakes with sprinkles, right?

10. Get creative with a camera!

This takes a lot more dedication to pull off, but it can give you a lifetime full of memories to cherish. Dress up as your favourite band members, or create your own band, and record a music video in your bedroom as you lip sync to your favourite artists. Shake it off!

10 sleepover ideas

We bet you’re pumped for your next girls night in already, aren’t you?

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Published on Aug 18, 2017
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