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If Friends Was Set In 2018… Here’s How Your Favourite Characters Would Dress Up!

If Friends Was Set In 2018… Here’s How Your Favourite Characters Would Dress Up!

It’s 14 years on and we still sleep binge-watching a few episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, like every night. At least I do! I practically grew up alongside the show and I still laugh with the same intensity when Chandler cracks a joke or Joey falls on the floor. Even Netflix streams the show now, for millennials to get their funny fix. Like me, I’m sure you too wonder what the friends are up to today. Well, here you go. This is what the six are probably up to, and would dress as if the show was still running in 2018.

1. Monica Geller in 2018 

1 friends - monica geller


A great sister, a loyal best friend, a loving wife, and a caring mom, Monica is so much more than the Head Chef at one of New York’s top starred restaurants in 2018. But she likes to have her off-days now that she has three kids (including Joey,) a dog and a Chandler to look after. This is what Mon would wear on a Sunday outing with the fam.

2 friends - monica geller in 2018 polyvore


Distressed jeans, a low-cut ruffled crop top (her favourite blue and red combination, of course,) applique trainers (Rs 805) and a choker matching her vintage sling (Rs 97,500) by Chanel.

2. Chandler Bing in 2018

3 friends - chandler bing


Well, you know Chandler, the lazy ass that he is especially when it comes to fashion! Obviously Monica shops for him. Having adopted two beautiful twins, Jack and Erica, Chandler is not just Mon’s daddy (if you know what I mean,) but ‘Daddy Cool!’ Here’s how the Chan-Chan Man would clean up today, and not just clean, Monica-clean!

4 friends - chandler in 2018 polyvore


A pink hoodie (remember the Halloween costume of 2004?), regular blue jeans and classic White Sneakers (Rs 1,949) by Converse.

3. Rachel Green in 2018

5 friends - rachel green


In 2018, Rachel has finally moved on from her Ralph Lauren v/s Gucci feud and lives with Ross and Emma in a rustic Italian house with a fireplace and all. Instagram can’t get enough of her fashion game (BTW, she has almost 500k followers). I think she’ll ditch the pantsuit and wear something trendy like this:

6 friends - rachel green in 2018 polyvore


A pair of classy Button Embellished Flare Pants (Rs 1,152) with a beige monotone theme set in a lace frilly shirt, tie-up boots, a bucket bag, and hoop earrings (Rs 399) to bring it together.

4. Ross Geller in 2018  

7 friends - ross geller


The ‘Science Boy’ with a super thirst for knowledge, Dr Geller, is trying to get Emma interested in Science after Ben changed his major again. Being married to Rachel, the fashionista that she is, he obviously has a better hang at shopping than he had back in the day(s.) Hmm… he might be as upbeat as the denim-on-denim trend of the season.

8 friends - ross geller in 2018 polyvore


A crisp Denim Shirt (Rs 3,495) with knee-slashed jeans and brown casual shoes. I like to think that he wears glasses now. Dorky is the new sexy, after all!

5. Phoebe Buffay in 2018

9 friends - phoebe buffay


Phoebe is a cool mom to her 13-year-old (who she almost named Phoebe) with Mike and an even cooler aunt to Frank’s triplets. She drives them home when they’re too drunk, and confiscates their beer when caught. Where she works, who can tell, but she’s still as quirky (and vegetarian) as ever. Here’s something you can see her wearing at Central Perk.

10 friends - phoebe buffay in 2018 polyvore


A midi skirt that looks like a watermelon paired with a turtleneck. She’s wearing brogues (Rs 1,125), a heavily beaded necklace with matching tassel earrings (Rs 320), and a magnificent kitty clutch.

6. Joey Tribbiani in 2018

11 friends - joey tribbiani


Still as charming as ever, Joey has become a millionaire after starring as the lead in his own TV series called Joey. He makes special appearances at the Knicks games, and signs autographs with a “How you doin?” for the hot ladies. You’d think he’d wear suits of gold and shoes of diamond, but our Joe is as sweet as ever.

12 friends - joey in 2018 polyvore


Grey Nike Joggers (Rs 2,495), a slogan sweatshirt and basic VANS white sneakers (Rs 2,500), so Joey isn’t it?

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19 Jan 2018
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