12 Moments From F.R.I.E.N.D.S That Made Us Go WTF?!

12 Moments From F.R.I.E.N.D.S That Made Us Go WTF?!

See, no one told you life was gonna be this way - but they’ll be there for you, anyway! We always resort to watching one of the most relatable series of all times when shit goes down - F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And while we have learned a lot from this show, looking back, I’ve realized that there were quite a few things that we probably need to unlearn. I mean, I love the gang but here are some instances that made me go ‘what the actual f*ck?!’ in my head (and sometimes, out loud).

1. Joey and Rachel being together

This is one thing I will never get over. They were just NOT meant to be! You can’t just go ahead and date your ex-boyfriend's best friend. And then, they broke up because they couldn’t make out. All the attraction disappears like that, seriously?!

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2. Chilling at one spot for 10 years

10 seasons and 236 episodes but they didn’t move from the same cafe and couch even once! Going to the same place twice makes me sick of the place. And anyway, most of the places we know don’t even last that long!

3. Phoebe’s mother being a cat

Season 4, episode 2 - Phoebe thinks her mother is the cat that walks up to her randomly at the coffee house. I know Phoebe is supposed to be the quirky character but she carries her all day long thinking it’s her mother? What was she smoking?  

4. When Joey can’t speak French

Joey is supposed to memorise a few verses of French dialogues, and he just can’t say the basic sentences. I mean, you can’t understand the language is one thing, but really getting the words right is not rocket science, man!

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5. When Monica introduces Chandler to Rachel in the first episode

If you go back to the first episode where Rachel meets everyone for the first time, Monica introduces her to Chandler. But in season 10, episode 11 where there is a flashback, Chandler confesses that he kissed Rachel in high school. How did that happen, bruh?

6. Waking up with your girlfriend in the museum

Okay, this one’s an absolute no-no. Remember the episode where Rachel and Rosshave sex in the museum? Yes, that! They wake up in the museum, naked and with spectators! I know you get tired after sex but tired enough to sleep on the floor and not consider going home at all?!

7. Rachel not letting go of the list issue

It’s okay to be confused about who you want to be with when the love of your life walks in. But Rachel was a total pain. One, she swoops into a really beautiful relationship and shits all over it and then makes a big deal out of the whole pros and cons list that Ross made. So much so that she calls off her relationship with Ross! For just that one time, I felt bad for Ross.

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8. How Joey keeps working for his friends without any knowledge in that field

Sure, Joey was a brilliant actor but he acted his way into two of the most intellectual jobs without any knowledge. He was a tourist guide with Ross at the Museum without knowing anything about Paleontology and an assistant to Chandler without knowing anything about numbers. Is getting a job that easy in New York? I don’t think so!

9. Walking 10 blocks home without pants is, like, a thing?

Not just once! Ross walked all the way home from his date when his leather pants didn’t fit him and Chandler walked home with a door in his hand when his date (Julia Roberts) pranked him and took all his clothes. How did they do it, I still have no idea!

10. Why did Emily still marry Ross?

If a guy says his ex- girlfriend's name at the altar, you never see him again. But, Emily still agreed to continue the ceremony. Only to dump him later...but, why?

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11. Monica chilling with the fake Monica

Monica hung out with the same imposter who ripped her off her money! Come on, Monica! We expected more from YOU!

12. And all the other dysfunctional relationships!

Sure! We’ve all had dysfunctional relationships but please, oh please, give me a little break! Ross dated his student and then Rachel dated that girl’s father. They even went on a double-date together. Um, weird alert!

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