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Yasss To The Big O! 5 Girl On Girl Sex Positions That Are Sure To Blow Your Mind

Yasss To The Big O! 5 Girl On Girl Sex Positions That Are Sure To Blow Your Mind

Sex between two (or more) individuals is a natural and beautiful act. However, when you Google the meaning of sex, you’ll find that most information is about intercourse involving a vagina and a penis. We tend to forget that heterosexual intercourse isn’t the only way to have sex and penetration isn’t the only way to achieve an orgasm! Today, let’s talk about lesbian sex, ie involving two individuals with vaginas. So if you or anyone you know wants to know a few lesbian sex positions for an instant orgasm, look no further. Here is a list of our top 5 positions!


When it comes to sex positions for the best orgasms, 69 tops the list. An oral sex position, this will make you feel very closer to your partner. Plus, who doesn’t love getting an orgasm while you’re giving one? 


How to do it?

Have your partner lie down flat on their back. Now, climb on top so that you are facing away from your partner. Basically your vagina should be in line with your partner’s mouth and vice-versa. You can then try switching the positions in order to maximize your chances of multiple orgasms. 

Sit On Top

Surprise your partner with this super easy and effortless position that will give you and them the best experience ever!


How to do it?

Have your partner lie on their back. Now stand on top of them with your knees on either side of their face. Let your partner perform oral sex on you. You can take turns and change the position after some time. 

Girl On Girl

Whoever said lesbian sex is not fun does not know about this position. Just like any other kind of sex, this position is also very popular and will easily help you achieve not just one, but multiple orgasms.


How to do it?

The classic missionary where you get on top of your partner. You can either use a dildo to rub against each other or simply just be on top of your partner and rub your clitoris against theirs. You can even use your fingers to increase the chances of achieving the big O.

Sit Down Sex

This is another oral sex position that you can take turns to try on with your partner. You can also surprise them with this position anytime during the day when you’re alone. PS: Surprise sex is the best sex.

How to do it?

Make your partner sit on a chair or a tabletop. Kneel down and put your head between their legs. You can use your fingers or mouth or both, simultaneously. 

So, ladies, all set for the big O???

27 May 2020

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