Tried And Tested Sex Positions For Lesbian Couples To Heat Things Up!

Tried And Tested Sex Positions For Lesbian Couples To Heat Things Up!

Hello, Pride Month! All of June we’ve been celebrating the struggle and the contribution of the LGBTQ community. The world is finally accepting the community, but there’s still so much brushed under the carpet, especially sex. Now is the time to talk more and freely about things that matter to all of us!

There are so many misconceptions about same-sex couples. People often assume that sex is only penetrative and two women would not be able to enjoy sex without the presence of a penis. But it couldn’t be further away from the truth. Sex between two women is just as pleasurable (if not more!) as sex between a man and a woman. We’ve talked about sex positions for heterosexual couples a million times, but now we’d like to change the conversation and talk about sex positions for homosexual couples as well.

So, if you’re thinking about turning up the heat with your partner, we’ve got some sweet surprises ahead. Here are some sex positions for lesbian couples that’ll make you both scream louder.  

1. Scissoring

Scissoring is the one of the best sex positions for queer women. All you’ve got to do is entwine your legs with your partner’s and rub your vulva together. The best thing about scissoring, though, is the number of variations it has. You could straddle your partner’s thigh, with one leg between their legs and rub your clit against their thigh. You can try the same with their chest, too. There is a reason so much of lesbian porn is all about scissoring - because rubbing your clit against someone else’s clit, thigh or chest can actually feel pretty amazing. Give it a go!

2. Kneeling

This position is called kneeling because, well, you’re both kneeling. You two ladies need to sit on your knees, with one positioned behind the other, facing the same side. You could hold the headboard for support or just be on your fours, doggy style. The partner who is behind can stimulate the clit and kiss their partner’s neck while the other enjoys the experience. Another thing your partner can do while you’re in this position is use a vibrator or a dildo to get you off.


3. Sixty Nine

Many studies over the years have shown that most women cannot orgasm with penetrative sex alone. For them, clitoral and nipple stimulation is more important to get them to reach the big O. That’s why most women absolutely love oral sex and what’s makes Sixty Nine such an ideal position. You’ll be able to give and get pleasure at the same time and your eyes will be rolling in pleasure in no time.

4. Spooning

Spooning is extremely intimate and sensual. The two ladies lie facing the same side and the giving partner has free and easy access to all of the receiving partner - including the boobs, the clit, the vagina and the oh-so-sensitive nape of the neck. Before you know it, you two will be in pleasure heaven, moaning your heart out!


5. Elevated Missionary

This is very similar to the regular missionary except for the partner on the receiving end lifts their legs upwards and places their ankles on top of their partner’s shoulders. Not only does this allow the giving partner to penetrate deeper, whether it is with fingers or with a dildo, but the elevation angle also makes it easier to stimulate the G-Spot, leading to orgasms that will leave the receiving partner quivering long after the steamy section is over.

ProTip: Include some nipple play and a lot of eye contact to make this position more pleasurable.

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