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Pretty, Pretty Princess! 7 Brides Who Won Our Hearts With Their Cinderellaesque Lehengas

Pretty, Pretty Princess! 7 Brides Who Won Our Hearts With Their Cinderellaesque Lehengas

As convenient as minimal bridal aesthetics might be, we say that there is something rather magical about a bride who goes for the OTT appeal. And nope, we don’t mean rows and rows of cutdana and sequins work or heavy zardozi embroidery. We say OTT here in the most Cinderellasque sense of the word. Yup, we are talking about a sea of flounce and skirts so grand they can take over your very dreams given you have a thing for that sort of sartorial aesthetics. 

And even better if there’s a lehenga (and not a Western gown) featuring a grand flounce. Yes, that’s exactly what’s fuelling our fantasies at the moment. That said, there is just something therapeutic about looking at a fairytale attire. Since our very childhoods, we have all been fed this fantasy about great, grand gowns that princesses and fairies wear. Thus, there’s this feeling you get when you look at one of these outfits, the reassurance that there’s a happy ending for us all. 

But that’s all talk and no show. Let’s talk to you in real flounce now, show what we really mean here, and bedazzle you with the curation of gorgeous Cinderellaesque lehengas. Scroll through:

Red But Make It Cinderellaesque


It might sound odd that we decided to start with a red gown in our list of Cinderellaesque beauties. But that exactly is the motive behind this exercise: to bookmark Indian outfits with a fairytale appeal and this one certainly checks that box. Just look at the structured sleeves, the scallop detailing on the skirt, and of course that trial! 


This Cinderella & Frozen Crossover!


The sheer, full-length sleeves, the ice blue hue, the silver embroidery that seems to be directly inspired by Frozen’s Elsa, everything about this bridal look has our heart! 


Fairytale Flounce That Too In Pink? Sold!


Pastel pink perhaps is the culmination of fairytale aesthetics and bride Mallika Malik here seems to have gone all out for the Cinderellaesque feels. Love the smart details of her outfit, especially how she opted for a lehenga-gown hybrid with the sheer fabric covering her midriff and adding to the overall drama. 

The White Bride With An Indian Twist


The French lace-like quality of bride Harkiran’s lehenga, the veil-like appeal of her statement dupatta, the pearl accents of her jewellery, the seashell kaliras: what’s not to like? We simply can’t get over how the bride/designer has managed to bring an Indianised white bride to life. So spot on, so beautiful!

Snow White, Is That You?


We find it important to mention here that this is a Falguni Shane Peacock bride simply for the overall fairytale vibe that the designer duo are always aiming for. From the structured skirt to every single detail of her blouse, here is a Cinderellaesque look that is to die for and we’d happily do so if we were promised a full day with this breathtaking lehenga!

Literally Floral!


Doesn’t this lehenga cum gown look like a flower in its full bloom? Be it the exaggerated peplum style, the delicate off-shoulder sleeves, fitted bodice or the poofy hem, we love it all! 

Bridal Shades Of Grey


Honestly, this grand artwork lehenga by Manish Malhotra will put even Cinderella to shame. The opulent trail, the muted silver hue, the trademark Manish Malhotra handwork, we want it all! 

But why just the outfits, here are some products that will help you with an angelic glow while you go looking for your cinderellaesque lehenga: 

Be honest fam, didn’t this story kinda make your day?

Featured Image: Instagram 

16 Oct 2020

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