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10 Things Every Girl Should Know About Her Clitoris!

10 Things Every Girl Should Know About Her Clitoris!

Ladies! We know you’ve all had a million thoughts about your body – especially the sexual parts, was not really comprehensive back in school. So plenty of us are still learning about and exploring this essential bit of human biology – and we urge you to read more, ‘coz it sure is fascinating! We’ve talked about the vagina and the G-spot, and now it’s time we understand more about the love button that is located above the vagina! The clitoris (it’s the Greek word for “key”) – it truly is the key to getting the maximum amount of sexual pleasure! Read on to find out more about this beautiful little thing!

1. It is the MOST sensitive part of your body!

There are more than 8000 sensory nerve endings located in the clitoris, thus making it is the most sensitive of a woman’s erogenous zones! To put it in perspective, the male genital organ (penis) has only 4000 of those! It is tiny, but sends out super powerful sensations through the body!

2. It is kind of similar to the penis!

All babies are born with similar genital tissues, which actually start developing into a penis or labia after 3 months! In terms of structure too, the clitoris kind of resembles the penis – it has glans, foreskin and even a shaft! It also gets “hard” during sexual stimulation as blood rushes into the erectile tissues that it is made up of!

clit 2


3. It only serves ONE purpose!

It is that part of the body which is purely there for one reason – sexual pleasure. Other body parts that are used for sex have at least one other purpose (breasts to nurse a baby, the vagina to actually give birth) – but the clit, it’s only there for fun! That’s why we need to know more about this to get more out of sex! It has no involvement in reproduction but it can lead to that, if you know what we mean! 😉

4. It was studied properly only very recently!

Not much attention was given to the organ responsible for the female’s physical pleasure back in times, and thus the complete anatomy of the clitoris was discovered in the 1990s to be precise! Sophia Wallace, an American conceptual artist, popularised this to raise awareness amongst everyone about the clitoris through her work Cliteracy: 100 Natural Laws! You have to see this!

facts about your clitoris

5. It keeps growing bigger!

It actually grows throughout the lifespan of an average woman. And it doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of the fun you are having. It starts when a girl hits puberty and by the 30s it becomes four times larger and heading towards menopause it’s almost seven times bigger! But the change is not so obvious, as the area is very small. So, don’t freak out!


6. Everyone has a different shape!

Some are large, some small, some hidden and some protruding. Some need a lot more pressure but some just a tender touch! Each bud is as special and individual as the person attached to it, thus it is vital to understanding and discovering what works for you, so that you have the best sexual experience! There is no “ideal” size or shape, so don’t worry about that!

clit 6

7. It never ages…

Despite all the wear and tear it goes through your lifetime, it never becomes old! Once it reaches its maturity, the pleasure potential remains constant! Which actually means you will be able to have the same kind of wonderful orgasms at 60 years that you had in your 20s! Now that makes us feel better.

8. All you can see is the tip of the iceberg

What is visible to the eye is just the glans, what lies beneath is in the shape of a wishbone which has two legs that extends three inches into the vagina connecting it to the G-Spot! The only part that we can see is the clitoral head and the hood, which is about a quarter of what really lies inside. It’s almost like a hidden treasure trove.


facts about your clitoris

9. It is THE key to getting the best orgasms

75% of women are reported to get an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and most of the others to have some or other form of clitoral contact during sexual intercourse! The distance between the vagina and the clitoris plays a big role in getting that orgasm quickly and easily too! The shorter the distance, more powerful the orgasm! It swells in size as you approach climax and also becomes even more sensitive!

10. You might lose it if you don’t use it!

It retreats into the body if it’s not used for too long as the hood closes in. Like other tissues in our body, the clitoris requires blood flow to stay healthy and active. Thus it is important to not ignore this love bud and give it the attention that it deserves for the job that it does. 

facts about your clitoris


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05 May 2016

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