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The Only Facial You Should Be Trying At Home If You Have Acne-Prone Skin

The Only Facial You Should Be Trying At Home If You Have Acne-Prone Skin

You’ve tried all the creams and the ointments to treat acne, but still, no results. That’s because your pores are clogged with all sorts of gunk like dirt, sebum and bacteria. Hence, there is no way for the product to reach the deepest layers of your skin when all your pores are blocked. However, there is an effective way to treat acne and that’s through a steamy facial. A facial aids in permeability that helps to soften skin when exposed to steam and helps it to absorb serum, ointment and acne medication better. While you can do a facial at a salon, now is not the right time to do it. We’ll help you learn how to do facial steaming for acne at home. Since you’re mostly staying indoors now, your acne-prone skin will not be exposed to dust, bacteria and pollution that often. You don’t even require to wear makeup now and you can just use this time to nurse your skin back to health.

Benefits of Facial Steaming For Acne

Girl Taking facial steam for acne



Before you read further, always make sure that you wash your face with a mild cleanser before doing a facial steam for acne. You can also use a scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to make facial steaming for acne a smooth and effective process. Now that this information is out of our system, let’s proceed with the benefits of facial steaming for acne-prone skin.

  • It Improves Blood Circulation
  • It Keeps Skin Hydrated
  • It Makes Skin Squeaky Clean
  • It Boosts Collagen Development
  • It Increases Permeability
  • It Relaxes You And Improves Your Mood

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1. It Improves Blood Circulation


Exposure of skin to steam causes it to sweat. The moment this happens, your blood vessels begin to dilate and boost blood flow to your face and neck region. Since blood does a fab job of pumping oxygen and delivering nutrients to your face, your skin rewards you with a dewy glow. 

2. It Keeps Skin Hydrated


For dry and acne-prone skin, steam facials work like a charm. They cause the pores to open up and get rid of all the gooey gunky stuff in them and along with this, natural oils are also released. It’s these natural oils that help to moisturise and hydrate dry skin. 

3. It Makes Skin Squeaky Clean

 benefits of face steaming acne



If you’ve even gotten a facial done at a salon, you’ll notice that post exfoliation, they usually clean your skin and expose it to steam. Simultaneously removing your white and blackheads. Why use steam though? Because it helps the pores open up and throw out dirt and bacteria that are responsible for causing acne. Plus, it softens your skin so that you are able to easily remove blackheads and whiteheads. 

Benefits Of Steaming Face

4. It Boosts Collagen Development


Along with treating acne, guess what a steam facial also does? It boosts collagen. Remember what we said in point 1 where steam facials improve blood circulation and provide the skin with oxygen and nutrients? Yes, it works on boosting collagen production too! That means lesser chances of fine lines, more elasticity in the skin and no sight of wrinkles.

5. It Increases Permeability


When your skin is tight, clogged or firm, it becomes difficult for products like acne medication, ointments and serum to penetrate into your skin. Steam facials help to improve the permeability of your skin making these products easier for your skin to absorb. 

6. It Relaxes You And Improves Your Mood


And the coolest point of all is that a steam facial for acne helps to relax you and calms acne-prone skin. Now that you’re at home for most of the day, you can turn your room into a spa by lighting scented candles, adding essential oils to the water and playing soothing music. It’s about time that you take self-care seriously and make it a lifestyle. 

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How To Do Facial Steaming For Acne At Home

There are three ways to do a steam facial at home – one is using a bucket/boiler filled with piping hot water, two is using a hot towel and three is using a steamer (if you have one that is)

  • If You’re Using A Bucket/Boiler
  • If You’re Using A Towel
  • If You’re Using A Steamer

If You’re Using A Bucket/Boiler

If it’s a bucket, then fill it with hot water and if it’s a boiler, pour in some water and turn on the heat. If it’s the latter, let’s take you through some steps. 

Step 1: Pour some water into a boiler and turn on the heat. 

Step 2: Add a few drops of essential oil like peppermint, lemongrass or lavender and leave it to boil. 

Step 3: The moment you spot bubbles, carefully cover your head with a towel and face the direction of the heat. (The whole idea of using a towel is to ensure that the steam does not escape into the air but is only directed to your face)

Step 4: Take in steam for not more than 8-10 minutes. 

Step 5: Allow your skin to air-dry.

If You’re Using A Towel

 Towel for steam facial for acne


Always use a clean towel for your face. Dirty towels can do more damage than good as they can further clog your pores. Also, to make this easier to use a face towel instead of a regular-sized towel as it will be easier to manage and you won’t end up wasting too much water. 

Step 1: Fill a bucket with hot water. 

Step 2: Place the towel in the water and then, squeeze and twist it till it’s dry. 

Step 3: Place the warm towel on your face and make sure that it covers every inch of your face. 

Step 4: Keep it on for 8-10 minutes.

Step 5: Pat dry with a clean, dry towel.

If You’re Using A Steamer

Steamers are readily available in the market, but if you don’t have one right now, don’t worry, you can follow the first two methods. Those who have a steamer at home can finally have the time to put it to good use. 

Step 1: Pour some water into a steamer and add a few drops of essential oil.

Step 2: Put the lid back on and turn on the steamer. (It takes 10-20 seconds for the steam to come out)

Step 3: In the meantime, tie your hair up and cover your head with a towel (Just how you would do if you were steaming using a boiler)

Step 4: For 2-3 minutes, you must take in the steam. (Since steamers give out strong and powerful steams if it gets too hot or you feel that your skin is burning, take mini breaks along the way and then continue)

Step 5: Pat skin dry using a towel and then apply ointment/sheet mask/acne medicated cream)

And that’s it you’re done! By now, your acne-prone skin would feel calmer and cleaner. Do not use tools to remove blackhead and whiteheads if they’re unsterilised or you have no experience in using them. You can further damage your skin if you aren’t mindful of these things. Also, if you’re intending to use face packs, serums, medicated creams and ointments check with your dermatologist first and then take a call accordingly.


How often to do facial steaming if you have acne?

Sensitive, dry, combination, normal skin types, you should be doing a steaming facial for at least 10 minutes. For acne-prone skin, you need to do it for a little longer, like 12 minutes. Also, for other skin types, they should be getting a steam facial done once a week and for acne-prone skin, twice a week. And gradually as your skin improves, you can also stick to doing this once a week.

What essential oils to use for facial steaming for acne-prone skin?

Unless you’re allergic to essential oils, all essential oils work for your skin. However, for acne, use essential oils made from tea tree and rosemary. Jasmine and rose too are great for keeping skin hydrated, dewy and clean.  

Is steaming good for your skin?

Yes, steaming is a fantastic way for your skin to detox and cleanse itself. Especially acne skin that’s prone to getting dirt, bacteria and oil, trapped into the pores. Steaming also helps the skin to release natural oils that moisturise the skin. It also helps to improve blood circulation, boost collagen production, cleanse pores from gunk and keeps you feeling relaxed and in a happy mood all day long. 

How to close pores post steaming?

facial steaming for acne- Girl After Steam facial


To close your pores you must either wipe them with a lukewarm, damp washcloth or splash some cool water on your face. You must not skip this step as it prevents dirt and bacteria from entering your clean pores. Hence it’s important to close them after getting a steam facial done. 

Can steam cause breakouts on skin?

Too much of something is also a bad thing. While steaming helps with keeping the acne at bay, you should not be doing it too often or exposing your pores to very hot steam. This will not only cause more acne but inflammation and redness too. 


Now that you know everything about facial steam for treating acne, what’s stopping you from getting it done? All the things you need to do this facial, you already have at home. While you work from home, take time off during the day to pamper your skin. Even if it’s twice a week, make time for your skin. ‘Coz happy skin is healthy skin!

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31 Mar 2020

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