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The Best Facial Steamers To Add To Your Beauty Closet Right Away!

The Best Facial Steamers To Add To Your Beauty Closet Right Away!

Steam facials have been around for ages and salons offer it when you wish to do a full-face clean up. The steam also helps open blocked nose and sinuses which makes it a handy tool to have at home. Today facial steamers do more than just that and are affordable devices that you can own at home. The best facial steamers are those that are portable and have unique functions with easier control features. Take your pick from some of the best facial steamers in India and enjoy all its benefits at home.

Best Facial Steamers 

The best facial steamers in 2021 offer numerous skin and health benefits. They come in unique ergonomic designs and offer more features than the clunky devices of the past. During Covid-19 times, a device that helps with cold and cough is highly beneficial.

Dr Trust USA 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

This facial steamer can also be used as a vaporizer, room humidifier and towel warmer making it a nifty device. It has a quiet machine which means it won’t make a sound and there are no disturbances. The large water tank allows for more steam and the device does heat up water very quickly. You get steam within 15 minutes. When used as a room humidifier it takes about 40 minutes to complete the job. You can even use the chamber to heat face towels for a warm towel therapy. It is one of the best professional facial steamers in India.

Hemiza Handheld Garment And Facial Steamer

A steamer for facials, vapourising and removing wrinkles from clothes? Count us in. This device is uniquely designed to serve many purposes. The handheld device should be kept 20 cm away from the face for facials and vapourising. For clothes, move the steamer over hung clothes. Just plug it in and begin. The device is light so that means the water chamber is smaller. You will have to refill water regularly with this machine.

Welocity Professional Kingdom K-33S Facial Steamer 

With a fast water heating feature, this facial steamer is perfect for facials along with getting relief from cough, cold, and congestion. This user-friendly device produces powerful nano ionic steam which is gentle on the skin thanks to the product’s design. It comes with an auto-shut feature so that you do not waste electricity or forget to turn it off.

Benefits Of Steaming The Face

Healthsense Nano-cure Fs 550 Facial Ionic Steamer

Built with ceramic PTC heating elements, this sturdy facial steamer generates steam within only 40 seconds. The steam produced has negative charged eons which help with better absorption through skin and nose. This steamer also comes with a built-in UV lamp which helps to pass hygienic steam through the nasal area to help deal with congestion, cough, and cold. This is one of the best steamers for face in India.

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Best Steam Inhalers: We have a list of the best electric steam inhalers, best steam inhalers for cold and cough, and more to help you decide which one to buy.

Facial steamers are underrated tools that offer multiple skin and health benefits. Consider an upgrade from traditional steaming methods and opt for one of these nifty devices today.

Featured Images: Pexels

29 Oct 2021

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