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7 Best Steam Inhalers To Help Provide Relief From Symptoms Of Cold

One of the worst things about suffering from the common cold is the nasal congestion that comes along with it. We have all struggled with it at some point and have different ways of tackling it. While some people take medicines, others swear by home remedies. Steam inhalation is a popular home treatment that works for many when it comes to providing temporary relief from symptoms of cold or sinus infection. If you have been looking to buy a steam inhaler, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of the best steam inhalers that you can choose from.

Electric steam inhalers are used not just to alleviate the symptoms of cold and cough, but also for facial steaming. Facial steaming can help open pores, and has various skin benefits. Check out our list of the best steam inhalers in India below.

List Of Best Steam Inhalers In India

While looking for the best steam inhalers, there are a few factors you should consider such as its size, cost, functionality, how easy it is to use, and also if it has adjustable steam controls. Based on these factors, you can choose which one you want to buy. Below is a list of the best electric steam inhalers, best steam inhalers for cold and cough, and more to help you decide which one to buy.    

HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550

This is one of the best steam inhalers in India that can be used not just as a facial steamer for your skin, but also as a steam inhaler for cold and cough. The best part about this electric steam inhaler is that it comes with a diffuser tray with 10 cotton pads. You can pour essential oils or medicated drops on the cotton pad if you want to inhale medicated vapours to cure allergies or sinus infections. Besides, the steam is passed through a UV lamp to ensure complete hygiene. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy for you to carry it along.  

Newnik Vaporizer V-108

Here’s another electric steam inhaler that serves as a facial steamer for your skin as well as a steam inhaler for cold and cough. It comes with a facial mask, as well as a nasal mask specially designed for steam inhalation through the nose and mouth. The main unit consists of a metal container where the water heats, and it has a two-level switch to control water heating. Newnik vaporizer V-108 also consists of an aroma tray, on which you can place a cotton pad with a few drops of essential oil.

Benefit Of Steaming Face

Dr Trust USA 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Vaporizer

This isn’t necessarily a steam inhaler for cold and cough, but a 3-in-1 ionic steamer that can be used as a facial steamer, humidifier, and towel warmer. You can also use it as a steam inhaler to help alleviate congestion and relieve sinusitis. This device uses nano atomization technology to produce a special kind of steam that penetrates deep inside the skin. There’s also a towel warming chamber which is used to warm face towels. You can also add essential oils, raw vegetables, or fruits in a beaker inside the steamer! If you’re looking for a device that is more than just an electric steam inhaler and facial steamer, then this is the product to buy.

Mievida Steam Inhaler Vaporizer and Facial Steamer

Mievida steam inhaler vaporizer and facial steamer is one of the best steam inhalers in India. What sets it apart is that it comes with temperature control and a timer, allowing you to adjust the timer as per your steaming time. It comes with the main unit, face mask, a nose inhaler attachment, fragrance box, aluminium heating pan, and a measuring cup. All you need to do is plug in, set the temperature and the timer, add essential oils if you wish to, and enjoy your steaming session! 

RCSP Vaporizer Machine

If you’re looking for a cost-effective electric steam inhaler, then the RSCP vaporizer machine is a good option. This steam inhaler is easy to use, and costs just Rs 249! However, there’s no mechanism to control the steam produced or the temperature. You can also add inhalants to the vaporizer for medicated steam. This steam inhaler is uncomplicated and very easy to use. It is also lightweight and compact, making it convenient to carry around wherever you want to. 

Wonder Steam Inhaler

This electric steam inhaler is yet another budget-friendly steam inhaler that you can buy! It has a shockproof plastic body that is lightweight and is easily portable. While it is an economical alternative, there’s no option of controlling the steam produced.  

FEDUS All in One Steamer

Fedus all-in-one steamer works not just as a steam inhaler and facial steamer, but also as a room humidifier. It comes with a nasal mask, facial mask, steam shower attachment and a measuring cup. With the nasal mask attachment, you can ensure that the mist covers just your nose and mouth, and works to relieve cold symptoms. This is one of the best steam inhalers in India that is also budget-friendly! 


best steam inhaler in india
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Is steam therapy good for the lungs?

Steam inhalation or steam therapy is said to loosen the mucus in the nasal passages and lungs, which is why one may feel immediate relief and can help people breathe more easily. While steam therapy is an effective temporary solution, its benefits are largely anecdotal and more research is needed to understand the benefits and effects of steam therapy on lung health.  

Do I have to use distilled water with a steam inhaler, or is tap water safe to use?

Tap water can be safely used in most steam inhalers, as the heating mechanism boils the water, thereby killing organisms such as bacteria, viruses etc. However, there are a few steam inhalers that specifically mention the use of distilled water, which is why it’s always best to check the manual before using the steam inhaler. A lot of steam inhaler manuals recommend not to use RO/filter water as it hinders the steam generation process. 

Can I put essential oils into my steam inhaler?

Some steam inhalers come with special compartments or trays to add essential oil pads or medication. In which case, using essential oils is safe. However, some steam inhalers aren’t compatible with essential oils. Using oil, gel or anything else other than water in steam inhalers that aren’t specifically designed for it can damage your device. For clarity on whether you can use essential oils or not, read the manual and follow the directions.  

How do steam inhalers differ from humidifiers and vaporizers?

Technically, a steam inhaler is a type of vaporizer. However, vaporizers and humidifiers release moisture into the air of a room, while steam inhalers are intended to channel warm air directly onto the face, or the nose and mouth of a user. 

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We hope this list of best steam inhalers in India helped you choose the right one for yourself! 

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15 Dec 2021

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