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Perfection is Possible With These Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Perfection is Possible With These Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair

If you’re a girl with fine hair, then you’ve probably wished for lusher, more voluminous strands about a million times. The key to making your hair look fab is the right cut and length to promote movement and a style that adds volume. We give you some awesome cuts and styles that will make your fine hair look fuller and thicker. Get ready to fall in love with your locks with these short hairstyles for fine hair


1. Sexy Bedhead For Long Hair

hairstyles for fine hair

Short hairstyles for fine hair are always recommended to help it look fuller, but if you would prefer to keep it long then loads of texture is what you need. Messy, windswept hair is sexy and nobody will be able to tell how fine your locks are. Just use a sea salt spray and scrunch, tousle and twirl your long strands for that straight-out-of-bed style. 

2. The A-Line Bob

hairstyles for fine hair

An A-line bob is a super chic style, where your hair is shorter at the back and angles into a longer front. It’s edgy and suits all face types. What’s so great about these haircuts for fine thin hair is that you don’t need to spend ages trying to style and straighten your hair, it will look great with your natural texture whether it’s wavy or curly. With this gorgeous cut, you don’t need to rely on too many layers to give you that much-coveted fullness.

3. The Braid Effect

hairstyles for fine hair

The best part about a braid is that no one can tell how fine your hair is. You can make every braid look thicker and fluffier by simply pulling each loop gently. What’s so great about this is that it works on any kind of braid, so a girly braided do should definitely be a style of choice for you. Remember, braids work for any and every kind of occasion.

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4. Choppy Layers

hairstyles for fine hair

Ask your stylist for choppy layers to instantly give your thin hair loads of texture with these haircuts for fine thin hair. They work great for shorter crops and even if you like to keep your hair long. Remember that hair looks thinner on long hair as the length weighs it down; choppy layers will help reverse that effect by bringing movement, fullness and texture. Just rough up your style by tousling your layers to add even more volume.

5. Flip Your Part

hairstyles for fine hair

This is the easiest and quickest way to fight flatness! When you’ve had the same part for a long time, your hair tends to get habituated to it and lies flat on that side. Flip your hair over to the other side, use some texturising spray on your roots (if you want) and that’s it – instant volume! It’s simple, it’s free and can be done in less than a minute.

6. The Big Bang

hairstyles for fine hair

Strong bangs are a fantastic idea to help your strands appear thicker. There’s a bang to suit everyone. A choppy fringe is great for bringing texture and volume to lifeless, thin hair. Sleeker, side-swept bangs also help redefine a look instead of having your hair fall plainly around your face.

7.  Curly And Carefree

hairstyles for fine hair

Fine hair is infamous for looking limp and lifeless, but it’s also perfect for curling and letting it run wild as it won’t look as OTT as thicker hair. No matter your hair length, using a curling iron, scrunching with your fingers or using styling products like mousses and sprays – they all can help bring plenty of life and character to your mane. Curls and waves will give your locks texture and volume and no one will know how fine your hair actually is.

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05 May 2016

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