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16 Gorgeous Mehendi Designs For Your Next Wedding Shindig!

16 Gorgeous Mehendi Designs For Your Next Wedding Shindig!

Henna as an art is something that brings culture, tradition and artistry together as a beautiful cocktail. The application, the aroma and the after-effect is so enticing. Whether you have a wedding to attend or you’re trying your hand at doing your own mehendi for the first time, we think you’ll fall in love with these pretty mehendi designs! They’re not only easy to master, but they’ll also fetch you many compliments. So ladies, are you ready to make those heads turn? Awesome! Here are 16 mehendi designs that will keep you inspired.

1. Oh-So-Pretty

One way to WOW your friends is to give this mehendi design a shot! Put on some dainty rings and paint your nails with glitter. To make the picture even more #InstaWorthy, add a couple of props and don’t forget to flaunt that bling.

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2. Go Traditional

No matter where life takes you, do not forget your roots. This mehendi design will remind you to appreciate and embrace your tradition. Here’s a tip – paint your nails a lighter shade so that your mehendi stands out.


3. Flaunt Those Shoulders

Getting a mehendi design done on your shoulder is one of the coolest things you can do for yourself! The design we’ve suggested looks like a dreamcatcher from afar and gives off Bohemian vibes.

4. Lotus Heaven

There is something magical about getting a lotus mehendi design done on your hands. It makes you feel like royalty. The floral pattern on the wrists will look magnificent as well!

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5. Flower Power

As much as you love your hands, you’ve got to show your feet the same amount of love! Tiny flower designs on each foot will make you look like a flower child. When trying this design at home, pay attention to the detailing that goes into it. Ultimately that feature is what will hog all the limelight.


6. White Is Classy

While traditional brown and black mehendi looks gorgeous, white looks elegant and unique too! You need not wear it with an Indian attire, even a halter top or a strappy jumpsuit will make this design stand out.

7. Food Is Bae

This is going to be most of us at our wedding! For all the brides who love food, this is the perfect way to go about their bridal mehndi. The bride included the images of the two foods – fries and coke because this was what she had with her husband-to-be on their first date. How adorable is that, right?

8. The Artistic Diva

This lovely pattern is heavily inspired by dainty leaves. Every stroke defines perfection. Be prepared to receive tons of compliments!

9. In Full Bloom

This pattern is slightly heavy, but it still looks pretty amazing. The floral patterns are prettier than ever! For a bride who wants to make a statement, this floral mehendi design will do the job for her.


10. Tap Into Your Spiritual Side

It’s amazing to be in touch with your spiritual side at all times, and how can somebody who is so devoted to their religion not incorporate it in all the aspects of their wedding! This pretty bride got caricatures of her God embroidered on her wedding lehenga. And not just that, she even got them etched on her mehendi!

11.  Love Always Wins

There’s nothing more romantic than having a mehendi design that depicts the love you have for your man. We love the design because it looks royal and tells a story about two lovers. You should totally give it a try if you ask us.

12. Bringing Sexy Back

Whoever said that mehendi is only meant for the hands and feet has never really witnessed how amazing it looks on the back. On days when you feel like you want to strut down the street in your backless choli, this mehendi design will make any guy go weak in the knees!

13. A Tale Of Passion

This mehendi design will consume a lot of time, but the final result will be worth it. It’s perfect for sangeets and grand functions (That’s if you’re looking to make a fashion statement, of course!)


14. All Eyes On You

You know what will make a low back dress look even more stunning? A mehendi design on your back! Just a vertical strip of detailing is more than enough to put you in the spotlight *Wink*

15. Celebrity Feels

Without a doubt, this mehendi design will make you feel like a celebrity! It looks even prettier when it’s teamed with a traditional embellished gown and dainty accessories.

16. Hello, Beautiful!

A henna necklace is a treat to the eyes. A unique piece of art like this one deserves to flaunted on your neckline. Team this design with a tube dress and we bet you’ll attract many admirers.

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23 Jan 2018

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