Ward Off All The Negativity In Style With Our Curation Of The Best Evil Eye Jewellery

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Sep 13, 2021
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Shamita Shetty is currently making waves in the Bigg Boss OTT house. It is because of both her graceful, no-nonsense persona and a certain piece of jewel that has stayed by her side all this while. Since day one, the actress has been sporting an evil eye necklace and the dainty jewel has us really intrigued. We wonder if it is to ward off the evil eye of her fellow contestants or just a little bit of reassurance to power through tough times. Or maybe, she just gave in to the evil eye jewellery trend that is raging hot right now, across the globe! In fact, in the past year or so a lot of international celebs have joined the bandwagon. From Gigi Hadid and husband Zayn Malik to Meghan Markle, everyone seems to have scored an itty bitty amulet for their jewel vanity.

Long things short, this jewel trend has certainly caught the eye of the who’s who of the fashion world. With its many designer iterations today, it has managed to jump from having the reputation of being a talisman to becoming a fashion must-have. Well, warding off the evil eye has never been more fun and we just curated a list of some standout evil eye jewels that you are sure to love. Here’s POPxo’ edit of the most striking evil eye jewellery to shop right now.

Evil Eye Bracelet

Getting a bracelet is the cutest way of pocketing the evil eye trend. From dainty stone-encrusted beauties to more minimal thread-based styles, almost every popular jewellery brand is offering an evil eye bracelet right now and here are our favourite picks: 

Evil Eye Cuff By Zariin

Zariin’s impeccable cuff is a combination of a simple bangle bracelet compiled with an evil eye motif that holds a Lapis Lazuli. The 22 k gold dipped evil eye bracelet has our heart for its sturdy design and just how classy it looks.

Traditional Evil Eye Bracelet By Klissaa

In case you might be seeking a simpler, more traditional evil eye bracelet design, this brass and zirconia stones beauty from Klissaa would be a great pick.

Persoanlised Charm Bracelet By Ineze

Here is an evil eye bracelet that is as exquisite as it gets. In a pretty unique concept, Ineze is currently offering you any 13 charms of your choice that can be then arranged in a bangle. This one-of-a-kind bangle can be personalized with an amalgamation of letters, numbers, and/or evil eye charms.

Best Evil Eye Necklace

It is the necklaces that happen to be the most favoured way of investing in the evil eye trend as of now. Just in case you are planning to get an evil eye necklace, here is a curation of our favourite ones on the net:

Evil Eye Jewel Set By Joker & Witch

Have a thing for layered jewels? You are sure to like this evil eye necklace accompanied with complementing jewels.

A Precious Pick From Tara Fine Jewellery

Buy it here.

Wanna take it up a notch and invest in some precious evil eye jewellery? You gotta pick one of these beauties from Tara Fine Jewellery’s evil eye stack.

The Nazar Medallion By Kesya

In case you tend to gravitate towards all things standout, Kesya’s Nazar Medallion is the one for you. This gorgeous evil eye necklace adorns the universal symbol and shape of an evil eye creating a modern talisman.

Best Evil Eye Rings

While evil eye bracelets and necklaces might be most commonly spotted in jewellery vanities, evil eye rings are an offbeat way of exploring the trend. Here’s our curation of some of these unique beauties:

Dangling Evil Eye Ring By STAC Fine Jewellery

Set in 18 kt gold and diamonds, this precious ring features a dangling evil eye charm. This evil eye ring is the perfect way to add some chic to your wardrobe while staying protected!

Getting A Little Bit Of Talisman’s Talisman

Embellished with white Cubic Zirconia, Black onyx, Purple Synthetic, and Lavender stones, this evil eye ring by Talisman is a true beauty.

The Unique Evil Eye Charm By Kabbish

When we talk of it literally, evil eye jewellery is basically anything featuring a black and blue charm that wards off the negativity. Keeping that in mind, we are of the belief that this Kalash ring by Kabbish would be a rather unique evil eye jewel.

Best Evil Eye Earrings

What’s your take on warding off the evil eye with dainty earrings? Well, just in case you are on board with the idea, here are a few evil eye earrings that will surely catch your attention:

Something Truly Funky From Funky Maharani

Handcrafted in 80% recycled brass and plated in gold, the Nazar jhumka by Funky Maharani incorporates four evil eye enamelled motifs joined together by rounded thin lines creating a dome while danglers elevate the look.

A Modern Take On Evil Eye By Tipsfly

A modern take on the evil eye jewels, these Tipsfly earrings feature gorgeous gold spokes in varying sizes, bursting forth to create a true statement stud! 

The Super Affordable Evil Eye Earrings By Urbanic

Fun and quirky, this pair of evil eye earrings by Urbanic will add some life to your jewel stack.

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So fam, all set to ward off the negativity with our curation on evil eye jewellery?

Featured Image: Joker & Witch and Tara Fine Jewellery