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#SisterScandal: Everything You Need To Know About The Jeffree-James-Tati Feud

#SisterScandal: Everything You Need To Know About The Jeffree-James-Tati Feud

The international beauty community is in shambles right now…or as Jeffree Star likes to say, “shooketh to the ground.” The not so iconic trio- James, Jeffree and Tati are back with it again…only this time, we have Shane being dragged into this drama!

If you have NO idea why Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, James Charles, and Tati Westbrook are trending RN, allow us to shed some light on the infamous dramageddons (1 and 2)!

Dramageddon 2

This all started when Tati Westbrook posted a 43-minute long video titled, “BYE SISTER” on her YouTube channel exposing James Charles as a sexual predator and that he forces straight men to turn gay. She had a LOT to say on the video and to sum it up, this was a virtual goodbye to James (James always says, hi sister in the beginning hence the video, bye sister). She also revealed that James is the closest thing she has to a family when it comes to the beauty community but she cannot justify his behaviour going forward.


Now, you must be thinking, how does this drama affect Jeffree Star? If you don’t already know, where there’s drama, there’s Miss Star. Jeffree Star went on a Twitter rant to say that whatever Tati is saying is a 100% true, he has all the receipts and he (James Charles) is indeed a danger to society. He also said that a lot of people, who were assaulted by James are ready to come forward. He even sent really strong-worded texts to James, calling him a sick mo********er! This whole drama was a rollercoaster of spilling the tea, who said what followed by a game of receipts.

Mind you, these are some big beauty names that are targeting a 20-year-old beauty newbie!


The repercussions: 

– James lost thousands of followers and everyone was suddenly #TeamTati. Yes, she is one of the OG, members of the beauty community.

– While James lost close to 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Tati gained around 4 million.

– Tati justified her problematic video by saying that she was enraged when James decided to support Sugar Bear Hair’s hair supplements, knowing really well that they are her company’s (Halo beauty) biggest rival.

– James released a small video in which he ‘apologized to Tati and other people that were involved. Honestly, the video was not a heartfelt one and people were convinced that he is indeed the guilty party here.

Then, James played the biggest UNO reverse card in the world when he released his *No More Lies* video which proved that EVERYTHING Tati and Jeffree had to say about him were completely untrue. He actually had screenshots and video clips to prove himself and claimed his throne, just like that!

Since then, Tati has deleted her video while drama queen Jeffree released his *Never Doing This Again* video. Tati pretty much stayed silent on the whole matter and Jeffree remained true to his word, occasionally shading both Tati and James but not really spilling any tea and the beauty community was calm again…until now!

Breaking My Silence

It’s been exactly one year and 40 days since Tati uploaded the explosive video to her YouTube channel. On 30th June, she uploaded yet another long video in which she apologizes to James Charles while throwing Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson under the bus. She says that she was “manipulated” by both of them into thinking that James needs to be held accountable for his actions and needs a reality check. She says that both Jeffree and Shane kept giving her dirt about James to a point where he could no longer deal with it. And James’ deal with her rival brand was her breaking point. She goes on talking to talk about how the biggest mistake of her life cost her her health, mental peace and she even had to hold off her pregnancy plans.

But that was not what stirred up the controversy!

For months, it has been speculated that Jeffree Star is an investor or that he owns the global makeup brand Morphe and Tati seems to confirm it. Morphe has since denied the fact and also removed Shane Dawson’s makeup collab with Jeffree Star (Jeffree’s collection is still there!). And what does Jeffree owning Morphe that have to do with the feud? In Tati’s words, “I do not think it is a coincidence that Morphe is about to launch their own brand of hair, skin, nail gummy vitamins” and “I do not think it was just Shane and Jeffree who stood to benefit from my being silenced”, implicating that this drama was well decided in advance to bring her & consequently James Charles lose their credibility.

Honestly, with everything going around the world, these petty issues seem pretty irrelevant. SMH.

As a very invested member of this beauty community, James, Charles & Tati… Can you just make up, move on and bring us that great content we follow you for?

Featured Image: Instagram


02 Jul 2020

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