Make It Stop! The Mugshot Makeup Challenge On TikTok Is The Weirdest Viral Trend

Make It Stop! The Mugshot Makeup Challenge On TikTok Is The Weirdest Viral Trend

Just when you thought you had seen it all, the internet gives birth to another stupid trend that will make you question everything around you. Everyone, let me introduce you to the next dumb thing on the internet, The #MugshotMakeupChallenge. It is currently getting very popular (WHY?) on TikTok and I have so many questions.

"Why is this a trend?"

"Who came up with this?"

"Why are people participating in this?"

"Is quarantine making people lose their freaking minds?"

TikTok is known for many things, some of them are quite outrageous, to begin with. While the popular video-sharing app focuses on people sharing their "talents", there are others who are creating content that is problematic and shouldn't exist in the first place.

The Mugshot Makeup Challenge

This latest beauty trend is seriously disturbing.

As the name suggests, users are (mis)using the power of makeup to create their own #MugShots! Bruised face, botched lips, running eyeliner, stick-on tattoos ('coz they've been bad) and even blood smears- they are doing it all! According to a leading website, the hashtag #MugShot has gathered over 107 million people on TikTok who have participated in this challenge.

This challenge is not only promoting violence but is also tone-deaf as people are not realising the severity of it. People are showing off their 'creative' side and adding fake cuts and even bloody noses.



my bestfriend posted these in her snapchat story and everyone is asking her her what i did because they think they’re real send help ##fyp ##mugshot

♬ Criminal - Britney Spears

One of the biggest beauty influencers, James Charles also participated in this challenge and his fans were not having it. He shared his 'look' for his 12.6 million followers on TikTok, complete with a blackened eye, a bloody nose and facial bruises. His fans called him "irresponsible" and "triggering" to the victims of domestic violence.

Have a look below.

James realised the severity of his mistake and apologized on Twitter saying, "Despite the fact that hundreds of other influencers and artists have done something similar, I deleted the mugshot trend because it was never my intention to trigger anyone & it's a waste of time trying to have an open discussion with people who hate me regardless."

Afsos, the *damage has already been done*

What are your thoughts on this challenge?

Featured Image: Instagram