#VideoOfTheDay: This Youtuber's Beauty Secrets Are Absolute Life Savers!

#VideoOfTheDay: This Youtuber's Beauty Secrets Are Absolute Life Savers!

Tati Westbrook is one of those OG Youtubers who you turn to for all things beauty. She is well known for giving you honest reviews of products and tell you if you should buy something or not. If you've followed her for as long as I have you remember she had this series called 'Tip Tuesdays' where she would give out beauty tips and hacks in two minutes or less! Well, welcome to a compilation of all those hacks. In this video, she combines a lot of her old hacks and reveals some secrets that she uses for her hair, makeup and skin!

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If you're going to watch one video related to beauty, let it be this one. She has left no stone unturned! She's talking about hair, makeup and skincare. My favourite tip(s) in this whole sequence has been about the hair where she talks about the importance of brushing your hair before you head into the shower to wash them or even the fact that you should let your shampoo sit in your hair for a while as well! Her makeup tips are also so simple yet so effective! 

Watch this video to ace your beauty game!

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