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Clean Up Your Act: Here's Why You Should Do A Double Cleanse

Clean Up Your Act: Here's Why You Should Do A Double Cleanse

I’m the kind of woman who doesn’t apply a lot of make-up, but when I do, I go all out and paint my face pretty. I had no idea what double cleansing was until a friend of mine told me about it the other day. What is it, you ask? It’s a K-Beauty trend that’s taken the beauty industry by storm, of course! Without stripping skin of its natural oil, the skincare regime removes every last trace of dust and grime from your pores.


Why Should YOU Try Double-Cleansing?

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Because it’s awesome! Trying this cleansing method at night will keep skin clear, strong and healthy the morning after by getting rid of leftover SPF, make-up residue, pollutants, bacteria, dirt and other impurities. Not to mention that doing this will also prep your skin to absorb the product’s active ingredients the next time you apply a cleanser to your skin.

Remember ladies, cleansing skin at night is as important as in the morning, because at night, your skin repairs itself! It heals itself from the sun damage and pollution you’ve experienced through the day and reduces the chances of scars and zits popping up on your face. If your pores aren’t squeaky clean, your skin will have a hard time regenerating and repairing it.

I know some of you may even argue that make-up wipes are better than double-cleansing as it saves you both, the time and effort. However, that’s where the fault lies. As efficient as they claim to be, they do not remove ALL your make-up residue. On the contrary, they can damage the skin by leaving behind wrinkles, fine lines and dryness. Trust us, none of these is a pretty sight.

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How To Choose The Perfect Cleanser

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The perfect cleanser is like finding the right shoe – but only for your skin! Lucky for you, we’ll help you find the right cleanser for your skin type. Let’s go!

Dry Skin: Without messing with your skin’s pH levels, the Organic Harvest Active Cleansing Milk (Rs 1,121) is ideal for dry, flaky skin.

Oily Skin: When in doubt, pick up the Biotique Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Face Cleanser (Rs 112). It’ll change your skin for the better.

Combination Skin: The Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel’s (Rs 1,144) unique non-comedogenic formula helps reduce sebum secretion and reduces the risk of experiencing breakouts.

Sensitive Skin: Hello, glowing and soft skin! The Avene Thermal Spring Water (Rs 690 for 50ml) protects your skin and purifies it to perfection.

Acne-Prone Skin: We think you’ll love the Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam (Rs 630) because it’s infused with montaline C40 that instantly removes dirt, bacteria and oil from the skin.  

Here’s How To Double Cleanse Like A Pro

Step 1: Start By Washing Your Hands

Before touching your face, make sure that your hands are clean. Not washing your hands and directly touching your skin can transfer bacteria and dirt from hands to your skin. This can instantly give rise to breakouts. To be on the safer side, just keep your fingers clean.

Step 2: Use A Make-Up Remover

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Pre-cleanse your face using a make-up remover. The kind that’s designed to remove every trace of make-up from lip stains, mascara residue, foundation patches, sebum, dust and leftover SPF.

POPxo Recommends: Maybelline New York Micellar (Rs 319)

Step 3: Apply Your Favourite Cleanser

Take a pea-sized amount of cleansing product and gently massage the oil cleanser into your skin for about a minute. From neck to cheeks, massage your skin in a circular motion.

Step 4: Lay A Warm Washcloth On Your Face

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After massaging your face, soak a clean washcloth in a bucket of warm water. Once it’s fully soaked, take out the cloth out from the bucket and squeeze the excess water out. Then, lay it over your face for about 30 seconds. The aim of using the warm cloth is simple, the heat and moisture will widen pores and lift up the dirt and oil trapped in them. After a minute, use the same cloth to wipe your face.

POPxo Recommends: Amazonbasics Cotton Face Towel (Rs 799)

Step 5: Do A Second Round Of Cleansing

Using just your fingertips, apply a tiny amount of cleansing balm and massage the product into your skin. While massaging, make sure that you’re cleansing not just your face, but your jawline, neck and forehead as well.

Step 6: Wash Your Face… Again

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For the last time, rinse your face again using warm water. Post-cleansing, don’t forget to apply some cream or serum to your skin so that it stays moist, hydrated and radiant all through the day. Pro tip: Do this 3-minute skincare ritual every night!

POPxo Recommends: Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum (Rs 1,950)

11 Dec 2017

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