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The ‘Super Flower Moon’ Today Is The Lockdown Present We All Deserve

The ‘Super Flower Moon’ Today Is The Lockdown Present We All Deserve

Ever since we have been in lockdown (it’s officially day 45 today) a lot of things have been making us anxious. It has been difficult for most of us to stay happy and positive at all times. But something amazing is finally happening that may help calm all that lockdown anxiety!

Today, on the occasion of Buddha Purnima which happens to be a full moon night, the sky will be extra lit with the Super Flower Moon! The moon will appear bigger and brighter due to its proximity to the perigee–the closest approach of Moon to the Earth. It is said to reach a pinkish hue at around 4:15 pm IST today. Isn’t that just wonderful?! We can’t wait for the beautiful pink moon pictures to go viral already!

What Is The Super Flower Moon?

According to Lowell Observatory, “Any full moon that occurred in May was traditionally called the Flower Moon because it marked the blooming of spring wildflowers.” Explaining the moon’s appearance, they also said, “Perigee makes a full supermoon appear up to 7% larger and 15% brighter than a typical full moon.” This will be fourth and the last supermoon of 2020. In India, the Super Flower Moon is known as the Vaishakha Moon after the month of Vaishakha in the Hindu lunar calendar.

Pictures of some places where the supermoon has already made an appearance are going viral on Twitter and we don’t see why not! Check them out:

How & When To Spot The Moon In India?

Magical is an understatement to the sight, isn’t it? As mentioned, Thursday evening at 4:15 PM Indian Standard Time is the best time to view the Super Flower Pink Moon. You can spot it with naked eyes only thanks to the major giveaway of ‘super’ in its name but it might be difficult as there will still be daylight during the phenomenon.

For those who would like to watch the Super Flower Moon as and when it appears, you can visit the popular YouTube channel Slooh to do the same as they will be live streaming the big, bright and beautiful moon tonight.

Last month, the pink supermoon had made an appearance. If you missed that, here’s nature presenting you with another opportunity to make the most of the lockdown. Don’t forget to take pictures of the moon while you’re at it!

Featured Image: Hello Magazine


07 May 2020

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