#MoonStruck: How The Moon Is Affecting YOUR Mood!

#MoonStruck: How The Moon Is Affecting YOUR Mood!
Did you know that the moon might have a lot to do with your mood? Yep, that’s right. Many folks believe that the phases of the moon actually have a direct correlation to how you are feeling. Just like the waxing and the waning of the moon affects the tides, your emotions too are deeply tied to the lunar cycle. Today we tell you how the phases of the moon affect your mood - take notes, ladies!

1. New Moon

The new moon phase is all about new beginnings. It gives you the energy to come up with ideas and plans. You start feeling charged up to take on life’s challenges. Optimism runs through your blood now, and you start seeing situations in a new light.

2. Waxing Crescent

This is a phase of transition. Opportunities are gravitating towards you - it’s time to grab the right ones and focus on them. Making the right choices at the right time will influence your future outcomes.

how the phases of the moon affect your mood

3. First Quarter

Everything starts falling into place during this phase. Finances, work, relationships and future plans - everything seems to improve. You’re able to handle your emotions really well and actually give your hundred percent to work and studies! This is a phase where you’re open to criticism, learning from it and working towards success.

4. Waxing Gibbous

During this time, you start paying attention to detail and become more health conscious. You are likely to eat better, exercise and take care of yourself. You also find yourself feeling an urge to socialize and get in touch with old friends. This is the phase where you stress on your relationships and health the most.

5. Full Moon

You feel super-generous during this phase. You start giving more and expecting less, and pouring more love and energy into your projects. Everything feels like it’s working in your favour, and you find yourself in a happier state of mind. If you’re single, this is a phase where you probably feel more confident and open to love all over again. Go get ’em, tiger!

how the phases of the moon affect your mood

6. Waning Gibbous

In spite of everything flourishing in your life, you will feel the need to cater more to your personal life issues than professional goals. This is the time to learn the art of prioritizing and focus on meeting one goal at a time.

7. Last Quarter

This phase is when you start giving in to your emotions. You are in sync with your energies and innermost feelings. Your thoughts and goals suddenly start becoming clearer to you. You make the best use of your time and find creative ways to crack ideas at work.

how the phases of the moon affect your mood

8. Waning Crescent

You’ll suddenly start feeling low on energy at this time. Things slow down, and you might find yourself feeling cranky and pushing yourself to complete work on time. You might experience mood swings and feel provoked easily. What you need to do right now is breathe in and breathe out. Focus on your energy and you will find your calm again.

And then the New Moon is back, and the cycle starts all over again!

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