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Every Berry-Infused Product You’re Going To Need This Season For Head-To-Toe Care

Every Berry-Infused Product You’re Going To Need This Season For Head-To-Toe Care

Watermelon isn’t the only fruit creating a buzz in skincare right now. Berries are a summer-favourite, and not just as bite-sized snacks. These juice-laden fruits display a slew of benefits for the skin, and it’s time to spotlight their versatility now. If you’re armed with a berry, there’s not much you can’t do. See—they’re antioxidant-laden, wrinkle-scavenging itsy-bitsies that fight off free radical-damage, and prey on wrinkles and lines; they plunge into your skin, and deliver pumps of hydration to its many layers; they reinstate your radiance by brightening your skin; and treat and heal wounds effectively. But how do you reap these benefits without causing a mess? Enter: the best skincare-and-body-care line-up of berry-infused products for you. Read on.

7 Of The Best Berry-Infused Treats For Your Skin

A Cruelty-Free, Antioxidant-Charged Cream

Imagine the scent of freshly-picked fruits rolling off of your skin in waves of berry-infused decadence. That’s this superfoods-charged cream for you. Enriched with strawberries and blueberries, it contains turbo-charged antioxidants that protects your skin from free radical-induced damage, and promotes the production of collagen to retain the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Along with boasting of anti-ageing abilities, it hydrates and brightens your face thoroughly; and plunges into your skin seamlessly without leaving behind any stickiness, grease, or residue whatsoever.

An Organic, Cranberry-Infused Hand-Cream

Moisturising your hands is essential to any well-rounded regimen. You must look for a hand-cream that goes beyond the aesthetics of scents, colour, and packaging, and does this: it should, of course, moisturise your hands lavishly, and improve the elasticity and suppleness of your skin. Composed of cranberries and Cupaucu Butter, this plant-based hand-cream delivers on both without causing damage to the environment or animals, or using skin-hurting chemicals in its formula.

An Sleep-Inducing Ultra-Hydrating Mask

To the rescue—this overnight mask is here to salvage your sleep-deprived skin. A gel-like formula, this one attests to the benefits of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), blueberry, and Kakadu Plum for the skin. Its expertise lies in its ability to reverse skin-related damage courtesy of its ultra-hydrating abilities coupled with its composition of antioxidants. While blueberries fight off free radical-damage, Niacinamide fades pigmentation and darkness to reinstate brightness, and Kakadu Plum moisturises the skin thoroughly.

A Delicious, Lather-Loving Body-Wash

It’s time to spice it up in the shower—with this cocktail of skin-loving ingredients. Lean into the invigorating scent of Acai Berry wafting through your shower, and let Shea Butter and Vitamin E cleanse your body gently, and moisturise your skin deeply with a rich and lather-loving formula. This one’s sure to awaken your senses in the A.M.

A 48-Hour Moisture-Providing Body-Cream

This strawberry juice-infused after-shower lotion drips with hydration, and provides two days of moisturisation to your skin—thanks to Hyaluronic Acid. If you want to smell sweet and summer-y all day long, ensure you’re applying this skin-loving cream to damp skin.

A Thirst-Quenching, Eucalyptus-Scented Sheet Mask

Press this cocktail-on-a-mask into your face, and let it dispatch a medley of thirst-quenching formulas into your skin to hydrate and improve elasticity courtesy of its composition of hydra-cure complex; and boost the production of collagen to reduce signs of aging thanks to Acai Berry, Goji Berry and Sea Buckthorn. Revel in the scent of Eucalyptus it leaves behind in its trail.

A Lipstick-Like, Strawberry-Tinted Balm

A lip-balm that’s gentle on the lips and the environment? Check. This strawberry-infused lip-balm boasts a berry-red payoff, and hydrates the lips with a cocktail of plant-based oils and shea-butter. It’s delivered to you in the form of a roll-on, and slips into your on-the-go handbag seamlessly.

Berry, berry tempting, no?

Featured Image: Pexels

14 Jun 2022

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