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Strawberry-Infused Products To Add To Your Cart For A Berrylicious Summer

Strawberry-Infused Products To Add To Your Cart For A Berrylicious Summer

It’s summer, and Harry Styles isn’t the only one advocating for strawberries—because, hey, beyond this fruit’s ability to photograph flawlessly against the whitest of backgrounds, it is a skincare saviour. This blood-red fruit is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and treat the skin. It can cleanse the pores of acne-causing bacteria to prevent breakouts; and can exfoliate gently, minimise sun-induced damage, treat puffy under-eyes, fade spots and pigmentation, brighten the skin, and prevent depletion of collagen. Just why aren’t strawberries being talked about more? To be able to reap this fruit’s benefits wherever possible, we’ve put together a list of different skincare and body-care products laced with strawberries. Happy shopping!

Why Strawberry Is A Summer Skincare Staple


A Plant-Derived Lip-Balm

A lip-balm that’s gentle on the lips and the environment? Check. This strawberry-infused lip-balm boasts a cherry-red payoff, and hydrates the lips with a cocktail of plant-based oils and shea-butter. It’s delivered to you in the form of a roll-on, and slips into your on-the-go handbag seamlessly.

A Travel-Sized Hand-Cream

A thoughtful self-care regimen warrants the inclusion of a hand-cream. If the scent of freshly-picked strawberries rolling off of your palms throughout the day sounds appealing to you, you know you’ve landed the correct formula. This one is a gel-cream that melts into your hands seamlessly to hydrate and soften them.

A Deliciously-Scented Shower-Gel

Don’t limit self-care to skincare. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating in-shower regimen with this lather-loving formula. This in-shower gel epitomises luxury—the tingling scent of strawberries, coupled with the richness of vitamin E is nothing short of luxurious. A well-balanced medley of oils and cleansers, this gel protects you against the effects of U.V-induced damage, is mild in nature, and cleanses your skin gently—no dryness or itchiness whatsoever, and that’s a promise from us to you.

An Anti-Dryness Face-Scrub

An infusion of two power-packed ingredients, mulberry and strawberry, this face-scrub is formulated to counter dryness and flakiness. While mulberry hydrates and repairs the skin, strawberry loosens oil and other impurities via exfoliation to reveal a brighter complexion. Made from plant-based ingredients, this one is the perfect A.M scrub to work into your routine.

A Collagen-Boosting Face-Cream

A corsage of berries, this face-cream doesn’t just hydrate. A devotion to a pea-sized drop of this formula will boost the production of collagen in your skin, prevent sun-induced damage, and fight off the effects of free-radical damage. Despite creams’ reputation of leaving behind grease and residue on the surface, this one seeps into the skin easily, and delivers shots of moisture while at it—thanks to its composition of shea-butter.

A Vegan Body-Loving Lotion

Nothing can rival the scent of strawberries lightly ricocheting off the walls of your shower. This strawberry juice-infused after-shower lotion drips with hydration, and provides up to 48 hours of moisture to your skin. If you want to smell like strawberries all day long, ensure you’re applying this skin-loving cream to damp skin.

Time to add these summer-favourite, strawberry-laced formulas to your skincare wishlist now!

Featured Image: Pexels

10 May 2022

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