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Watermelon-Infused Skincare Is Here: 5 Juicy Products To Add To Your Routine

Watermelon-Infused Skincare Is Here: 5 Juicy Products To Add To Your Routine

Honestlywhen Harry Styles was belting out the chorus to his summer-favourite hit ‘Watermelon Sugar’, I didn’t know he was propagating the fruit as a skincare saviour!. But it’s pretty obvious that he wasand now I understand why. And, no, I’m absolutely not writing this article with a bowl of watermelon stationed in front of me. Lookwatermelon in skincare goes beyond the aesthetics of scents, colour, and packaging. Sure, the fruit lends a summer-in-a-bottle fragrance to products, and adds a pop of hot-pink to formulas, but that’s not all. Here’s everything you need to know about watermelon in skincare.

What You Need To Know About Watermelon In Skincare


What Makes Watermelon A Skincare Saviour

I don’t think watermelons are conventionally associated with skincare; but that’s changing. There’s a reason why Instagram is spotlighting advertisements featuring watermelon-infused skincare. It’s simple. The fruit isn’t just thirst-quenching for your bodyit’s a delectable, glow-inducing treat for the skin as well.

A fact? The entire fruit is brimming with skincare benefits. A watermelon is made up of about 92% water. And that’s why it hydrates, plumps, and nourishes the skin in the way that it does. This property enables it to soothe and heal dry, flaky skin (and, sometimes, help with wrinkles and lines)thanks to the pulp of the fruit. The rind can repair skin, and relieve irritation and inflammation (s/o to sensitive and acne-prone skinthis one’s for you); and the seeds, too, can plump and hydrate the skin. A zit-zapper, watermelon is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that can treat redness and inflammation caused by flare-ups. And it controls the production of sebum (oil)so, hey, no more breakouts!

Wait, There’s More…

Since watermelon is packed with antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, it can reduce free-radical damage on the skin, and prevent premature ageing in the process. Much like botox in a bottle, no? Vitamin C can diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation as well. And we know how deserving it is is of its reputation for brightening our complexion, don’t we? Circling back to watermelonit contains unique DNA-repair ingredients, according to experts, and its composition of lycopene, an anti-ageing agent, allows it to repair sun-damaged skin. Lycopene is what is responsible for the colour of the fruit. It can repair damaged cells, generate new ones, and decelerate the breakdown of collagen (a protein that gives your skin elasticity)so, hello, firm and supple skin.

And More…

And it doesn’t end there. Watermelon is rich in malic acida well-know exfoliator that’s ideal for sensitive skin. It removes the uppermost layers of the skin gently to reveal healthy cells, reinstating your youthful complexion over time. Now that you know why watermelon is trending in skincare RN, we’ve put together an assortment of the best watermelon-infused products to treat your skin to.

A Line-Up Of The Best Watermelon-Infused Products

In The Words Of One DirectionIt Makes Your Lips So Kissable

Pair This With Your Nighttime Skincare ASMR Playlist

It’s Raining Fruits! Hallelujah!

Just Like Doja, Keep It Juicy

The Perfect End To Your Saturday Self-Care Regimen

So, how do you plan on working this fruit into your skin?

Featured Image: Pexels

04 May 2022

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