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Less Is More: How To Be A More Environmentally Conscious Beauty Consumer In 2021

Less Is More: How To Be A More Environmentally Conscious Beauty Consumer In 2021

Now more than ever, consumers are as interested in the process as they are in the product itself. They’re adopting the go-green mentality and choosing natural and organic ingredients across categories for a healthier self and a more sustainable way of living. Even in the beauty industry, people are moving towards more earthy products and focussing on the packaging that they love as much as the planet. 

It’s 2021, and it’s high time we make green beauty a reality. If you’re on a similar path of wanting to be a more conscious beauty consumer, then we’ve got some changes you can make to your lifestyle.

How To Be A More Environmentally Conscious Beauty Consumer

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Swap To Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

The sustainability of ingredients used in a product is a big area of concern. We need to start looking at how they are sourced and the long-term impact of their farming for cosmetic purposes. Look for brands that focus on locally found ingredients as the carbon footprint would be less. 

Switching From Bottled Products To Bars

Bar soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are way more environmentally friendly than using bottled products. They don’t come in plastic packaging and aren’t adding to the piles and piles of litter lying around. This switch in your beauty products can really make a difference.

Breakup With Throwaway Items

Yes, it’s easy to use makeup wipes, daily contacts, and those tiny toothbrushes in hotel bathrooms but you don’t realise that everything from the bins ends up in landfills. Making the change to reusable items is so much better for the planet. Pick up makeup wipes that can be washed and used and go for razors that don’t have to be thrown after every use.

Pick Refillable Packaging Instead Of Single Use

Investing in refillable beauty products and use company offers and refill schemes. So for example, you don’t have to buy the whole eyeshadow palette again, just the single shade that’s over. Companies like MAC have in-store recycling policies with reward schemes too. 

Go An Extra Mile When Recycling

Clean out every bit of product from your shampoo bottle before removing it. You can always use your empty serum bottles or pretty lotion bottles after and use them for decor purposes. You can also pluck out the bristles out of your makeup brushes before tossing them into the recycling bin. 

Ready to be a more beauty conscious consumer?

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