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Don’t Use These 10 Emojis Until You Know Exactly What They Mean!

Don’t Use These 10 Emojis Until You Know Exactly What They Mean!

Compassion, sense of humour, kindness, respect – these may be the first few words that a happy couple uses to describe their significant other. But dig a little deeper and the happiest of couples won’t shy away from using words like passionate, sexy, kinky, satisfying, or even wild in bed to describe the adventures that sex brings to the relationship.

What makes this even sexier though, is the naughty act of sexting with your partner when you can’t get down and dirty with them in person. Emojis are all the rage now even when it comes to symbolising sexual innuendos and flirting over texts, and if you’re not careful, the wrong emoji in the wrong context can raise some very awkward conversations with the wrong person! Here are a list of emojis that you should be wary of unless you are looking for the sparks to fly with a certain someone. *wink*

1. Peach Emoji

1 sex emoji - peach

We’re sure you know what this innocent peach represents in the sexting universe, but in case you don’t – it’s a butt. And now that you know, you can’t unsee it can you? 

2. Eggplant Emoji

2 sex emoji - eggplant

This one, unfortunately, isn’t as innocent because let’s face it – we all have dirty minds. This eggplant emoji is used to symbolise a penis – unless you’re really excited about the baingan family and love your bharta enough to want to sext about it.

3. Tongue Emoji

3 sex emoji - tongue

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why the tongue emoji is popular, since this vivid and rather realistic looking tongue is synonymous to licking or cunnilingus. All thanks to technology, you no longer have to write ‘oral sex’, ‘giving head’ or even ‘go down on’ because this tongue will get the job done! (Pun totally intended)

4. Droplets Emoji

4 sex emoji - droplets

People call this ‘sweat droplets’ but we all know what these droplets can better be used for, don’t we? When used in context, these droplets represent a nice satisfying orgasm. 

5. Smiling Face with Horns Emoji

5 sex emoji - devil smiling

Also literally translates to “horny”, in case you were wondering. It helps that the emoji has a sinister smile going for it with the horns, because we certainly know what happens when you’ve been a bad girl and unbelievably naughty, don’t we? 

6. Index Finger and ‘Ok’ Emoji

6 sex emoji - index finger and ok emoji

New-age symbols are all simply dandy, but nothing beats old school gestures for the act of lovemaking! The index finger, of course, stands for the penis, and the little ‘O’ made by the ‘Ok’ emoji represents the vagina – making it the universal gesture for ‘Hey, you wanna have sex?’

7. Rooster Emoji

7 sex emoji - cock

Rooster is a nice way to put it, because the dirty version is ‘cock’ and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Remember the good old days when cock was just the male counterpart to a hen and that was it? 

8. Volcano Emoji

8 sex emoji - volcano

Maybe a little unorthodox, but creativity at its best! The volcano emoji is also used to represent a massive, hot, and ‘erupting’ orgasm that leaves you shaking to your core. Highly suspicious of the smoke and ash bit of it but hey, if the shoe fits, am I right? 

9. Zodiac Cancer Emoji

9 sex emoji - cancer 69

You could spell this out in numbers, but since we’re going for the visuals, why not give this one a shot? Maybe tilt your head to the right and you’ll see the glorious number 69 smiling at you from the screen. We’re all about the beautiful exchange of ‘give and take’ of sexual pleasures, and our emojis should reflect the same, duh! 

10. Mouth Emoji

10 sex emoji - mouth emoji

Full and luscious lips have been seductive for years now, and there’s no reason why our strong emoji game shouldn’t convey the same, right? Give your man the mouth and the tongue at once, and watch his eggplant emoji come right back at you with the droplets in no time!

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Images: Emojipedia

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