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Emily In Paris Who? This ROFL Insta Account Has Emily Visiting The Film ‘Parasite’ Instead

Emily In Paris Who? This ROFL Insta Account Has Emily Visiting The Film ‘Parasite’ Instead

If you haven’t had the chance to watch Emily In Paris, this is where you get warned that there are spoilers ahead! And now that you don’t have the chance to avoid those, here’s moving right on. 

Emily in Paris, created by Darren Star of Sex and The City fame, follows a young American marketing executive named Emily Cooper who suddenly has to move to Paris for work. Considering that it’s a new place altogether, where she doesn’t speak the language, there are more than a few hassles in the way.

The Crossover We Didn’t Know We Needed

Let’s avoid getting into plotholes—there are several, including how Parisians always seem to be speaking in English around Emily and how she, a young exec, has loads of Chanel in her closet. And to be honest, this video on Twitter explains all there is to it.

With all of that, and an underwhelming wardrobe (I said what I said) there isn’t much left to see in the show that doesn’t quite live up to the hype. It’s clichéd, mostly unclear and certainly not for everyone. And just when you thought that was 10 episodes worth of time wasted, you get a fun crossover and trust me, you did not see this one coming!

Emily In Parasite

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I’m here!!! #emilyinparasite

A post shared by Emily Cooper (@emilyinparasite) on Oct 12, 2020 at 1:40pm PDT

A satirical Instagram account by the name of Emily in Paris Parasite has the show’s protagonist visiting the folks in the hit, Academy Award-winning film Parasite. Now the latter, a South-Korean movie that threw light on class issues, revolves around a poor family of four that steadily establishes itself into a rich household, using tricks to gain employment. A dark comedy, it’s a complete contrast to the breezy, often illogical Emily in Paris. The result when the two meet? A hilarious crossover Instagram account that has garnered over 2K followers (and counting) in two days!

Should you need some first-hand proof of the popularity, the comments section, as they say, is LIT.

Emily In Parasite


Emily In Parasite


With only six posts gathering some major traction, featuring Emily’s selfies, of course, we can’t wait to see where this particular plot leads. How will Emily react to the Kim family going all out towards the end of the movie? Will she finally lose the bevvy of berets? (Guess not but one can hope).

For now, this tweet pretty much sums up Emily In Parasite for us.

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15 Oct 2020

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